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Gerard Butler GALS

Short Story Guidelines


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Guidelines for short stories will be the same as for all other PG-13 role play or fan fiction.

~ Writers may not use Gerry or Gerard as the character name.

~ No pornography of any kind will be allowed.

~ No use of graphic language.

~ No plagiarism will be allowed.

The following additions and amendments for Short Stories -

~ Short Stories must be between 500-2000 words and completed in one post.

~ Short Stories need not be submitted to the yahoo address. A moderator will be notified for each new submission. The story will be invisible until approved. If the story cannot be approved the author will be notified via PM, and asked to edit and resubmit or submit to the Over 18 Short Stories.

~ After approval, comments will be allowed IN the story thread.

If you have any questions please PM me.



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