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Anyone watch Starzs' Spartacus:Blood & Sand??

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I was just wondering if anyone else watched the premiere of Spartacus on Starz this last weekend? If anyone did, am I the only one who thinks that it was a total rip off of 300? I lost count of how many glaring similarities there were between them......everything from music, title artwork, special effects, fight sequences, love scene sequences....I could continue with about 20 more....just wondering if anyone else felt a little ripped off by how they obviously gained all of their insight from Zach Snyder and Gerard Butler and the excellant work they did with 300......just curious....

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I did watch tonight. They definitely took a page out of the 300 playbook. The blood spatter although it was more graphic, the spear throw, the slow motion fights scenes. I didn't feel ripped off though. Definitely a compliment to 300 I think. They set the bar. But 300 was a more artistic and beautiful movie. This one was just graphic and violent, and dirty. Not to mention the abundance of naked bodies. As for the love scenes, I think they were better than the one in 300. Definitely more graphic. The main reason I tuned in is because I like John Hanna, but not sure if I will watch the whole series. Will check out the next episode and see if it gets any better.

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I saw some of it a couple of times and they really edited it to have a similar feel to 300 I just wish they would change the time slot

I just edited this to add because I didnt want to start anther thread did anyone watch Temple Grandin? AMAZING!

Claire Danes should get some award for this!

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