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Something I wrote to sort a few things out in my head. It's not a Gerry poem. But I was thinking about Shakespeare, etc and felt the need to write.

Note: Please know that the first line is not meaning to be offensive, or worrying. It's just a metaphor which is explained further in the poem.


The bloody knife glistens in the morning dew

The mind awakens to a world anew

The soul has been cut and ripped from its harbour

Against the silent screams or the heart in arbour

No more shall the crystal tears cascade

In the reverie of the pained facade

Only life in its fleeting gaze

Shall kiss the memories of the effortless days

Farewells are common in the land of dust

The knowledge, the strength, the singly trust

This sanity shatters against the barren crust

No more, no more shall this weapon bring!

Against the deafening roar the angel sings

In life, in death the spirit weeps

In silent smiles it lets the darkness creep

Serenity shows it does not remain

As the tears subside and leave their train

I ponder in which is the path to take

And heed this anguish in my wake

Confessions of a life left dull

It’s its empty, loveless, lonely hull

There is not knife upon my breast

No blood that’s spilt, no marks upon this chest

A vacant echo, but resound the name

Of the purity, the poverty, a life in vain

In which a cast upon my heart

The anguish builds the aching starts

The life drawn image of smiles and dance

A one last hope, a lucky chance

Of that I see my path less clear

Than the anguish left, still rotting here.

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Thank you, Steph. I did help somewhat I think. Though it turned out a lot different than I expected. I started with on line that wasn't even in the beginning, and I just couldn't stop.

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