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GALS/PALS Name Updated Guideline


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Previously there has not been much if any specific guideline established regarding the length of a GALS/PALS Name on this site. Some of us have added to the length of our name over time to the point that some have become so long as to distort the way posts appear in the forum.

In order to tidy up the look of the left side panels of the posts we've decided to implement a limit of 5 lines or 75 characters, whichever is less for the GALS/PALS name that each member is allowed to choose. Much like the limit on the size of the 3 avatars you are allowed, this will make for a more consistent appearance in posts. Many members are already in compliance with this, but we are asking members to look at your GALS name and if it exceeds 5 lines please revise and edit it to be within these new parameters. We are still allowing you quite a bit of leeway, more than just a single name. You are welcome to include any of the description that you edit out of your GALS name in the "About Me Page" under Profile Information in My Controls.

For those who may have forgotten how, to edit your GALS/PALS name go to My Controls and select Edit Profile Information then scroll down to GALS/PALS Name. You may have to test the phrasing a few times to get it to fit within the 5 line maximum. Just go to one of your posts on the forum after you edit the phrasing and see how it appears and make any further edits necessary.

We are asking that you make the changes within the next week. Once you have made any required changes PLEASE PM zanyzombie with your old and new names so she can update the list she keeps for all of us. Beginning next Friday if we find a GALS/PALS name that is still to long we will start PMing members to change them. We don't want to have to get into changing them for you!

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

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