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Gerry in a short film?

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I know there was a thread about Gerry possibly being in a short film that's part of a bigger project but I don't remember which one. Anyway, this actor says that he worked with Gerry on it already! ???

I'm the only person who enjoyed Mr. Woodcock--

You did? Dude, you're not the only one. You know who else did? Gerard Butler. I worked with him and Brett Ratner and [Johnny] Knoxville. It's a cool movie with all these awesome actors, all short films. I was so excited to meet him. I love that guy. But he saw Woodcock. He thanked me for it, dude! I was like, 'What? You're the only person I've ever met who saw that movie, except for my mom.' And you! That's great.

Here's the link:



P.S. Found the thread: Untitled Peter Farrelly/Charles Wessler Project, new listing on IMDB


Please add any comments there.

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hmm...that`s interesting. Now I`m really curious about this role. I think thats so cool, that Seann William Scott spoke so nicely about Gerry. I`ve always liked him though, definitly very easy on the eyes haha. And very funny too.

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