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Gerard Butler GALS

Fun Fearless Male Awards


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Do we know if Gerry is attending?

They're in NYC tonight.

Cosmo hasn't said directly whether he'd be there, but a journalist on twitter said he would.

But they isn't very credible.

I just wanted to see if anyone knew.

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It's on twitter so I didn't want to post it.

It's just him talking to an interviewer.

He has a grayish blue blazer and a light blue dress shirt on.

Buttons open of course :)

Getty and Wireimage show other participants but no Gerry yet.

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Someone named dariminder just tweeted that he sang Madonna's Holiday to her and Kate White, Editor in Chief. She said it was hilarious.

If its true, he must be in a fun/playful mood tonight. :)

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Look at him.

PURE SEX :thud:

And look how big his paws are on that sports guy.


I have no words.

Posted Image He's perfect. Beyond perfection. Total CFM look right there.

AND THOSE PAWS. He's even a little shorter than that guy.

Posted Image

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You're welcome.

Gettyimages has some more up with him and Terrell Owens.

I'm sure we'll get TONS more in the gallery once they pour in.


My dream has come true.

Gerry and Nathan next to each other. SO CLOSE TOGETHER :gah:

Posted Image

Look at that face :lol:Posted Image

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I knew you would find us pictures, Bailey!!! Such great ones too!! Boy, his hair grows fast!!! Still looks a little tired to me. I can understand why, he spends all of his time jetting around.

~HUGS~ Kathy

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He does look a little sleepy.

He doesn't even rest on his "vacation" :lol:

But he looks great.

I love how fast his hair grows!

I must say Gerry knocks all of those men out of the park.

Not even in the same league.

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I LOVE HIM IN PURPLE!!!!! I said it in London, and now here! OMG I may faint. It looks so good on him. Makes his eyes pop ...

Gerry puts all those other men to shame. They're so not even in his league.

Bailey, you're the sh*t.

I'm so glad he went to this. He deserves to feel a little special and be honored for being the Alpha Male that he is.

TO is Tweeting pics. :lol: I think he's having a blast as well.

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I just :poof: and :galdown:

The man looks more beautiful and sexy EVERY TIME I SEE HIM!!!! GAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey! Bailey! These are great!

Have you sent them or the link on to Barb, Katie or Holly to add to the gallery?

I have a Wireimages account so that is where they are from.

I haven't seen them yet.

They're welcome to upload any they want :)

Ladies, you're welcome.

That is all my picture finding tonight. I have a horrible headache and have to hit the bed early!

And yes his hair is divine. I'm sure men wish they could keep that thick of hair at his age!!

Just gorgeous and he looks great in that color, it does well on him! It looks like the suit he wore to the Buffalo Club for the GG party.

I think the shirt is new though.

And he just does get better every time we see him.

Edited by BaileyS
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He really looks gorgeous in these pictures and I agree about his hair.

Honestly, he looks great when his hair is very short like Terry Sheridan, longer like Jackie Jr. and everywhere in between. Love it when it's curling, but when it's this length it's just got such great texture. I always have that thought in the bar scene of TUT because they keep showing the back of his head. :lol:

If he's singing, then it sounds like he's having a good time. He is fun & fearless.......and male. :)


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