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To Dream or Not to Dream


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I finally had a dream about Gerry last night! How long has it been now? A year and six months along? Well, I guess it could be construed as one. It was physically Gerry in form but he wasn't the "actor" Gerry, instead, he was just a regular guy and I asked him out on a date and we were walking through an aquarium or something and I was always walking holding on to his arm (I like doing that with a guy) and we stopped to look at some fish swimming around and I told him I wanted to tell him a secret. So I leaned up in to his ear said in a real sexy voice, "I never shave my legs"!

Now I have no idea where this came from, OK? His response was shock and he asked, "even for me?"

Next thing I know, we're in a restaurant and he seemed broody. So, I got up to go to the bathroom hoping I had a razor with me and I did so I went in to a stall and shaved my legs and when I came back, he was gone and John Travolta was sitting in his place! I asked him where Gerry went and he said, "I think you scared him away". So I ran off after him and when I caught up with him, started apologizing and tried to show him my clean shaven legs but he refused to look and just kept pushing me away from him.

It was bazaar! :confused:

Also this dream came closely on the heels of the one I had the previous night about Tiger Woods which I have absolutely no idea why I had that one! I don't even find him appealing in the least, particularly now.

What does it all mean?

Delene :funnyup:

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Let's see, Mick Jagger obsessing over you means you have an innate desire to be attractive to "bad boys" (or aging rockers,) the red balloon represents your fleeting and fragile fantasies lifting you above it but just as quickly bringing you back to Earth and Courtney Cox is the latest representation of a "cougar" but unless you're 100 years old, Mick Jagger would not be in your sights. :funnyup:

The scientific explanation, so I've heard, for dreams are that they are merely the brain purging "useless information" from random thoughts stored throughout the day from the subconcious. I've always believed that might be partly true but I think also they're meant to bring some important things up to the conscious level because of some message you need to follow. Then you have to try to figure out just what the heck it is!

nyjoanie said:

Wow! What do you girls eat before you go to sleep?


Then again, it could be what I might eat before bed. Let's see, my nightly regimen consists of a multivitamim, 81 mg asprin, 1 oz of dark chocolate and a glass of milk. If I eat anything more substantial then that, I won't sleep and if I do, I'll have nightmares.

My guess in reality is that my dream occurred because I'd heard Monique talking about her unshaved legs before I dozed off and my thinking that for me, Gerry would be the only one worth shaving them for! On a more fantasy level, the message in the dream was that I'd better make sure my legs are shaven when I meet Gerry. I'm still trying to figure out why John Travolta was in there.


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