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Spartandax (Anne) makes local paper


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Today, I was written up in the local paper. :phantom2: The article is about writing my book, "The Phantom's Redemption", what drove me to write my first book at my age. :phantom: Also how much I love POTO and how it has changed my life. There are some mistakes-Bawled is spelled another wrong way-Yikes!!!_ and a couple of things were changed a bit like my Arab horse's colour as well as Phantom's horse in my book, which is black, not "beige"(it was supposed to be bay)LOL. Anyway, if you would like to read the article, the link is:


Anne :erik:

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What a wonderful article and congratulations on your book! I've read a few of the fan fictions that made it into print, some quite good and some quite bad. When I have a chance I will have to get yours. Perhaps you would consider donating an autographed copy for our Las Vegas fundraising efforts for The Shade Tree Shelter (one of only a couple in the country that also incorporate an animal shelter so abused women can bring their pets with them).
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What a wonderful article, Anne. Thank you for sharing it with us and many congratulations on your book! You certainly have had a journey before your found your fitting passion, and that's a brilliant thing to accomplish.

Many happy wishes and thoughts coming your way!

:wuv:, Amy.

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Thank you for sharing your story with us, Anne. You are right--there are a lot of not-so-good

POTO fan fictions out there, and I will look forward to reading yours. Thankfully, there really

are some other very good Phantom stories, but you are correct that there are many that do

not give Erik the redemption that many of us would agree the character should find.

Like you, many of us here at GALS have found a "new life" after experiencing Gerard's

protrayal of THE PHANTOM. So many wonderful personal stories have been shared here at

GALS and we have found so many close and caring friends here.

I wish you well and hope you join us often.


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