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Gerard Butler GALS

Gerry on Cover of April 2010 Men's Journal & Feature Article!

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I had no idea about his hearing. Very interesting. And as for the "crooked smile"...I always thought it was charming and it's just a part of what makes Gerard so handsome.

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You guys are killing me with all the new pictures in the Gallery! How do I shrink some of those GINORMOUS pictures? I'm a computer dumbo.



You can save them to your desktop by using you right mouse button. Right click with the mouse button on the image you desire, choose the "save as" option, and save it to your desktop.

Then go to the image on your desktop, hold the cursor over the image, right mouse click on the image and go to "Open with". Choose "Microsoft office picture manager" with your left muse button. Image will then open in the picture manager software. In picture manager choose the "picture" tab, and a drop down of options will appear. Choose resize, and a drop down to your right will appear, "predefined with x height". You can then resize any image from something ridiculously large to as small as a thumbnail.

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I just love him even more, it seems almost everyone as a kid has at least one strange problem, and if not they go and hurt themselves and end up causing some kind of problem hehe.

but i have to say i love his smile i find it very charming

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After cleaning the house, homework and creating a bit more for my upcoming jewelry show, I will unwind with a Martini and a copy of Men's Journal. Anxious to read the article. Have been avoiding the posts and uploads so I can just lose myself in it all. I NEED it!

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thanks for that article :) very interesting and funny

This is off topic but did anyone catch JA on Live With Regis & Kelly? I didn't know she was on I just happen to catch her when she was talking about Gerard and they asked if she had any dirt on him to ask him for Thursday and she told them to tease him about his lack of diet while training for TBH and she called him out for hiding sweets and junk food everywhere. She was being funny but sounds like she has a problem with people who are not strict with the carb counting lol! They also showed a clip and I don't mean this in any bad way whatsoever...but that particular clip was murder to watch and very awkward.Her gestures were bare and that scene was flat and I was the first to love the trailer when it came out,it was fast and funny the pace of the actual movie seems different than in the trailers more times then not.It's just my honest opinion,not hating on anyone.I'm not sure if I will rush to see this but maybe it's just a few flat scenes and the entire movie might be better :detect: feel free to stone me now for my thoughts :p

Anyone else see her on R&K ?

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Gerry's honesty about his hearing and smile answers questions I have always had. I had so many ear infections as a child that my hearing is diminished.I noticed that Gerry asks people to repeat more often than normal as he leans forward, like he can't hear very well. I do the same thing. His smile and mouth move in a way that I always wondered about. At first I thought it was because he was trying tp pronounce words in an American accent. Then I saw him in England speaking as he normally does and his mouth still moved in the same way. I have a feeling that when he had that operation on his ear a nerve may have been cut or he had a slight stroke leaving him with a unique smile and way of talking. I applaude his total honesty about his ear protruding. Not many actors would be so open as Gerry. If nothing else, he is honest. But we know he is much more than that. I still want to hug him and shake him as well.

~HUGS~ Kathy

His "crooked" smile and they way he talks reminds me of a guy I know who has Bell's Palsy. It affected his right side as well. The only difference between my friend with BP and Gerry is my friend's face was temporarily paralyzed...but I believe the same facial nerve is affected. I happen to adore Gerry's crooked smile. :love:

I've noticed in most every interview I've seen he always sits on the right so he can hear better out of his left ear. His hearing issues and crooked don't seem to diminish our love of Gerry. He's still perfect in my eyes. Too bad he doesn't have a twin brother.

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