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HBO First Look: How To Train Your Dragon


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From Zap2It:

Fri 3/12 12:00-12:15pm HBOF

Fri 3/12 8:45-9:00pm HBOF

Sat 3/13 6:10-6:25pm HBO

Sun 3/14 1:15-1:30pm HBO2

Tue 3/16 2:40-2:55pm HBOF

Tue 3/16 9:45-10:00pm HBO

Wed 3/17 5:45-6:00am HBOF

Wed 3/17 8:15-8:30am HBO

Wed 3/17 5:30-5:45pm HBO

Thu 3/18 8:45-9:00am HBO2

Sat 3/20 9:15-9:30am HBO2

Sat 3/20 4:30-4:45pm HBO2

Sun 3/21 8:00-8:15am HBO

Mon 3/22 3:55-4:10pm HBOF

Tue 3/23 10:45-11:00pm HBO

Wed 3/24 9:30-9:45am HBO2

Wed 3/24 9:45-10:00pm HBO2

Thu 3/25 10:30-10:45am HBO

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It started tonight (Thu) at 10:15pm (ET) on HBO2--and it is adorable. We get to see Gerry doing some of his recording and his comments are interspersed throughout the program (It's just 15 minutes long.)

You can tell he was really enchanted by this project and it's a hoot to see him performing his lines as Stoick the Vast. He also talks about his mannerisms that were used for Stoick.

I can't wait to see it on a big screen!


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I just watched this a few minutes ago & I highly recommend watching it if you have the opportunity.

I think I enjoy Behind-The-Scenes as much as the movies. There is quite of bit of the different actors doing their voice work including several from Gerry. Throughout they probably show him as much or possibly more than any of the other actors.

This movie really looks like it's going to be great.

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