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HTTYD Toys Hit Wal*Mart & Happy Meals!

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Just a quick FYI that there are action figures out now for this movie, alas I looked at the line that was released for Wal*Mart (on shelves March 1st) and Stoick was not among the characters marketed.

I have yet to see the McDonald's Happy Meal toys as they are set for release as soon as iCarly / Star Wars wraps up it's run.

Something cool to look forward to if you like to collect all things Gerry.


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I saw these action figures too and there was no Stoick at my Walmart either. That's the only one I wanted. Hope there is one in the Happy Meals when they come out. I will definitely get that one.


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Gerry in a Happy Meal. Might have to start eating Happy Meals! Perhaps I might just get the toys instead and the boys can have the meal....


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I was at WalMart today and right near the entrance there was a HUGE display of HTTYD merchandise. There was no Stoick action figure but I found a cool backpack with a giant Stoick and little Hiccup on it (so I bought 2 of them, one for me and one for Vegas). They also have HTTYD Sobe water (just has a card that hangs off the bottle saying the movie is in theaters), granola bars (special packaging featuring Hiccup and the dragons and games on the back of the box), Keebler chocolate chip cookies (though I could not tell what had to do with HTTYD, nothing obvious on the packaging). Then they have tons of kids stuff - clothes, pajamas, toys, games, underwear, tennis shoes. It is a REAL merchandising blitz.
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