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Gerard Butler GALS

Movie 43 (aka Farrelly Project) - Leprechaun Gerry

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3/29 - Relativity shifts Farrelly/Wessler comedy - Untitled laffer moved from April to January 2013

1/11 - Movie 43 - Release Date


11/1 - Brett Ratner Talks upcoming projects

5/3/11 - Relativity Solidifies First Quarter Film Slate - Press Release Has April 2012 Release Date

3/16/11 - Bob Bekian and Loyal Studios Co-Produce Gerard Butler as a 'Perverse Leprechaun' in New Peter Farrelly Sketch

02/14/11 - Farrelly Bros. Interview Includes Details of Movie 43


11/7 -Movie 43 (aka Farrelly Project)

9/23 - Gerry Has Gone All Leprechaun

9/11 - "Happy Birthday"

pics of Gerry filming his Leprechaun role from Bob Bekian's Photostream "Happy Birthday"

7/31 - Untitled Comedy goes to Virgin Produced!

7/30/10 - related article at Variety.com: Branson's Virgin jumps into bed with Kavanaugh

- movie title is mentioned as 'Movie 43'

4/20 - Farrelly Project Begins Filming in Melbourne

3/23 - Butler Talks Dragons, Career Choices and '300'

excerpt about this from Q&A session with Gerry on 3/19 from Moviefone:

How to Train Your Dragon's Gerard Butler on playing a red-headed Viking warrior with a Scottish accent

Q: I've got to ask you about the 'foul-mouthed leprechaun' you've talked about playing.

A: Well, it's a little short film that I'm doing which felt like a little fun foray into craziness. The Farrelly brothers are doing a series of short films and Brett Ratner is directing this one. It's with Johnny Knoxville and Seann William Scott, who basically kidnap a leprechaun. And that's me. And they're using that kind of 'Benjamin Button' technology. They film with a little person and then they filmed with me and put in my leprechaun face. It's crazy! [Laughs] It's me, but I totally look like a leprechaun ... And he is so perverse and violent and foul-mouthed, and the stuff that comes out of his mouth, even me, Gerry Butler, with my reputation of having a dirty, potty mouth, I couldn't even think up these words ... And I play his brother as well, so there are two of me in the movie. They're little gangsters. Disgusting little creatures. [Laughs] They're not the typical leprechauns you would think of. It was incredible fun and I think it's going to be a great little piece of work.

Q: Did they approach you?

A: They did. First they said, "Do you want to play a little leprechaun in a short film?" And I was like, "Are you being funny?" It was Brett Ratner, actually, and Ryan Kavanaugh, who runs Relativity, and they're both very persuasive people. And at first, I think it was maybe going to be myself and Colin Farrell. I think he was worried that he already has such a bad reputation for having a foul mouth. [Laughs] Whereas, my reputation isn't quite there yet, so I can get away with it. And I also said, I'll do it if I can do both. It felt like more of a challenge. And I love that kind of thing. I did a short film way back in my career where I had to f*** a camel. [Laughs] And one of the reasons I did it was because I thought, this is so insane. And I still try not to let go of the insanity part of this business. It's great to do things that are so wild and different.

3/17 - Gerry's perverse leprechaun role Interview on The Bounty Hunter NYC Premiere with MTV, where he talks about the role.

Gerard Butler To Play 'Perverse Leprechaun' In Peter Farrelly Sketch Comedy

"I play the most perverse, disturbing, disgusting, foul-mouthed leprechaun you could ever imagine," he said. "I've been kidnapped by Johnny Knoxville and Seann William Scott so they can get their pot of gold. They don't really quite realize what they've bargained for. They land themselves in a bit of trouble."

"It's funny because we're using that technology from 'Benjamin Button' — what's the politically correct term? A little person? — and they're going to put my head onto the little person," Butler said. "It's very funny. It's insane."


and watch the

Video here

Mar 16 2010-A quick clip from Gerry's visit to Dublin's 98 FM

*WARNING a bit naughty*


3/11 - off site link:

Peter Farrelly, Brett Ratner, Elizabeth Banks and Bob Odenkirk Directing Sketch Comedy Movie | /Film http://www.slashfilm.../#ixzz0zGYKl6Mm

2/25 - New Bounty Hunter vid, pics, HTTYD, Leprechaun Gerry, more

Gerry in a short film?

2/13-Untitled Peter Farrelly/Charles Wessler Project


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Untitled Peter Farrelly/Charles Wessler Project

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