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Gerard Butler GALS

2010 Vegas Convention Video Contest!!!


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Whip out those clips and pics and get your software running!

It's time for the Vegas Butler Award Video Contest!

The Rules:

FIRST: This year's video contest has a theme. In going along with this year's convention theme, the video contest theme is : All Things Scottish!

Interpreting the theme is up to the individual video maker. The videos need to feature Gerard Butler, of course, as himself or any or all of his film roles.

SECOND: We are having two different sections of this contest. In order to win the Butler award in Vegas, you must be present in Vegas. If you are not planning on attending the convention, we cannot accept your submission.

However, because we are once again holding the Virtual Convention, we will hold another contest online as well. If you are planning to attend Vegas, we cannot accept your submission into the virtual contest. No video or vidder will be present in both contests.

Both contests have the same theme and the same rules.

THIRD: You cannot enter in a video you have entered in the past. This is exclusive to past Vegas conventions only. If you have a video you've entered in other contests besides Vegas, that's perfectly fine.

FOURTH: Each vidder may enter ONE video and ONE ONLY. If you have a joint effort video, that one video will be the only entry the two of you can enter.

FIFTH: Videos CANNOT contain:

Material beyond PG-13. All videos entered in the voting MUST be suitable to be shown on the main forum. This includes video and audio content, including song lyrics. (no f-words please). This especially includes NUDITY. No backsides or female nipples or worse. This also includes EXCESSIVE VIOLENCE, none of which will be allowed in the contest (300 battle footage is, for the most part, just fine).


The deadline for BOTH video contests will be on

MAY 17th at 12 NOON mountain time.

That's a Monday, so you have the weekend for any last minute revisions.

The initial voting for both contests will be held online following the deadline.

Email your submissions to mrscreedy.gals@gmail.com and please indicate whether you are entering for the Vegas or Virtual convention. Remember, you cannot enter both.

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