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Gerard Butler GALS
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Chapter 1- Anywhere You Go

A/N- this is an idea that’s been spinning around in my head for a while now and it wouldn’t die! BTW- this is supposed to take place like 3 months after Raoul and Christine leave the Opera House.

Disclaimer- I wish! Plot is MINE, MINE! (Breaks into song from Pocahontas) So are the kidnappers.



The full moon shone bright as Christine Daae galloped through an open field on her way back from her usual late-night ride. She took one every night; she loved riding and especially on the grounds of the estate she and Raoul had been living in for the past 3 months. She loved the sense of the wind rushing threw her brown locks and the sound of the horses hooves hitting the ground. She made her way back to the stables for if she were out to long, Raoul would begin to worry about her. She hopped of her horse, and begun to undo the saddle, she hated when her rides came to an end. As she went to hang the saddle up, she felt a damp cloth clamp over her mouth, she began to twist away but the man kept her close to his body restricting all her movements.

“Just breath in Cherie.” She heard the man’s rough voice and felt his hot breath on her neck. To afraid to disobey, she took a deep breath in and all went black, the last thing she remembered was her hands and feet being bound and being thrown into thrown into the back of a wagon.


It had been half an hour since Christine usually returned from her ride and Raoul began to worry; it wasn’t like her to be this late. He decided to go see where she was; he got up form the parlor and headed for the stables.

When he arrived at the stables he saw Christine’s horse but no Christine. He found her saddle on the ground, picked it up and put it on its hook.

“Christine?” He called threw the empty stable “Christine are you here? Christine?” After his calls went unanswered, he looked around the stable for some sign of her. A piece of paper on the ground caught his attention. He picked it up and read it,

Dear Vicomt,

We have your beloved fiancée and if you ever want to see Mademoiselle Daae ever again you will obey our orders. First, place 20,000 francs in the alley, next to the garbage can, behind “The Paris Saloon” this Friday night, second, do not get the police involved for if you do you will surely never see her again and third we are not saying we will return her anytime soon by obeying us you are guaranteeing her safety for the next week until you receive our next list of demands. Remember; do as we say and Ms. Daae will remain unharmed.

The Holders of Your Fiancée

Raoul’s hand began to shake as he read the note, he could only imagine what horrors Christine could experience while she was with these men. He had to find her, no matter what. It said he couldn’t get the police involved but that didn’t mean he couldn’t get a third party to help. He jumped on his horse and headed for the Opera House.


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Chapter 2-Regrettable Words

A/N- okay here is the second chap I hope you like this will explain about what Raoul is doing. This is biased on the 2004 movie version cause that’s the only one I know anything about plus, I love Patrick and Gerry. I know Erik may seem a little non-caring here but he isn’t you’ll see in later chaps.

Disclaimer- I wish! Plot is MINE, MINE! (Breaks into song from Pocahontas) So are the kidnappers.

Thanks to- Bobmcbobbob1 and Son Ange- All will be revealed!

Phantomica- Gah! hides under desk Here’s the new chap!

Rose- Thanks!



Raoul ran up the steps to the opera house, if he couldn’t get the police involved, he was going to need help even if it was from the man who tried to kill him. Since it was late no one was up at the opera house. It was still smelled of smoke and soot from the fire but the renovations were coming along nicely. Raoul made his way to Christine’s old dressing room, he remeberd Christine saying something about a secret passage threw the mirror. He stood in front of the mirror, trying to figure out how to get it open, he ran his fingers down the edges searching for a latch an opening ,anything that would get the mirror open. He heard a click and slid the mirror open.

The hallway was a dark, dusty, and damp one. He made his way down the hallway until he came to the lake, the boat was gone so he would have to walk threw. He jumped into the lake and the water leveled at his knees but as he trudged on threw the lake, the water rose to his thighs. He finally reached the grate to labyrinth. It was very disheveled with broken mirrors and music sheets scatterd everywhere and it was also empty or so it looked.

“Hello?” Raoul called out “Is anyone there?” Erik was sitting in his small office looking over some papers when he heard that boy’s voice calling out.

What could he possibly want? Erik thought as he stood up from his chair and made his way out to the outer part of the lair and saw a very similar sight, Raoul was standing on the other side of the grate with his hand grasping the bars.

“Vicomt, this is indeed an unparalleled delight, I wasn’t expecting you so soon after our last meeting.” Erik said his voice dripping in sarcasm.

“Please, Monsieur I need your help.” Raoul said with such desperation he was almost begging.

“What could you possibly need my help with, you’ve already stolen the love of my life from me, what more could you want?” Erik said turning his back on the boy he loathed so.

“Wait,” Raoul called after him to no avail and Erik kept on walking. “Christine’s been kidnapped and I need your help finding her.” Erik stopped dead in his tracks and turned around slowly. Christine was kidnapped! He thought, he clenched his fists anyone who hurt her would have consequences to pay.

“Why my help, tho? Why not go to the police?” Raoul, looked down.

“I can’t, if I do she is in more danger, but I also can’t find her alone.”

“How do you know this?” Erik asked with an inquiring look on his face

“The kidnappers left a note, I have it here.” He said feeling for it in his pants. He found it and held it up for Erik to see. Erik let out a sigh of defeat.

“Very well, then.” He said as went to pull the lever that opend the portcullis. Raoul nervously made his way in, the grate closed behind him. “Come here.” Erik ordered with wave of his hand motioning for Raoul to follow him to a small parlor, Raoul had never realized how big the labyrinth really was. Erik sat down in a leather armchair and motioned for Raoul to sit the identical one across from him. Raoul took his seat and handed the note to Erik.

“Here is the note they left, she was out for her usual late night ride around the grounds of the estate and when she didn’t come back when she usually dose I began to worry and I went out to find her and.” Tears blurred Raoul’s vision, this was the first time he actually realized that he could lose Christine forever. Erik saw the rawemotion in his eyes, this man truly loves her, he thought. “She wasn’t there and I found the note.” Raoul’s words came between small sobs; he was trying to choke back. “You will be rewarded greatly for your services, I can assure you as soon as she’s safe,” Raoul said trying to cover the fear in his voice. Erik stopped him before he could finish.

“Monsieur Le Vicomt, I will not need any reward to help find her, in fact I would have started searching for her the minute I heard she was missing is you hadn’t come.” Erik said hiding all emotion in his voice, which had been a talent he had protected over the years of being the Opera Ghost. Some small piece of hope gleamed in Raoul’s eyes as he lifted his head to meet Erik’s.

“Thank you, so much you have my undying gratitude,” Raoul stood up to shake his hand.

“Mousier-,” He realized he didn’t know the Phantom’s name. Erik debated in his head if he should tell Raoul his name and finally came to a decision.

“Since we are working together you should know that my name is Erik.”

“Monsieur Erik then, thanks you again.” Raoul shook his hand gratefully and turned to leave.

“Where are you going?” Erik asked as if Raoul where a small child leaving his parent’s side.

“I thought I should go home and get some rest, as should you, for it is very late and we need to make a good start in the morning.” Erik eyed him strangely.

“If we are going to find her anytime soon, we need to start to work on a plan and then we shall go back to your estate and I will examine the spot where she was taken from.” Raoul nodded and obediently sat back down in the chair and the foes began to work together as a team.


Christine’s eyes slowly opened, as she let out a small moan. She was lying on a hay covered stone floor; she was obviously in a former stable no longer being used for its intended purposes. Her hands and feet were bound and she was lying on her side. The events of the night came rushing back to her, she had been kidnapped! Tears stung her eyes at thought of never being to see her beloved Raoul ever again. The small door to the stable opened and a shadow of a large man became visible. He gave her a once over and called into the room connected to the stable,

“Sid, the girl’s awake.”

“Dose she remember anythin’?” A voice called back.

“Of course she would, we didn’t hit her over the head.” The large man strutted over to Christine and kneeled down beside her, it was too hard to make out what he looked like in the dark but Christine could tell he had a slight beard and was a very tall muscular man. He slid a long dirty finger under her chin and lifted it to look into her tear stained eyes.

“Feeling better Cherie? I’m sorry we gave you such a scare earlier but my friend and I need you for, let’s say, business matters.” He said letting out a slight chuckle. Rage burned in Christine’s eyes for she would recognize that voice anywhere.

“You,” She spat into his face as a rage overtook her she never knew she had. “Took me from my home, my fiancée and my whole world but I am just warning you that Raoul WIL find me and you and your companion will rot in a jail cell for the rest of your worthless lives, you filthy bastard!” Christine had never used such language before but now seemed as good as any to start now. The man’s eyes narrowed as Christine’s cheek was met with a harsh slap. The man stood up his height towering over Christine’s small form.

“You better watch your tongue Cherie, you never know how much trouble that could get you into.” With that the man left leaving Christine alone in the darkness.


A/N- Okay I am sorry it took a while but hey here you go! I know Christine might have been a lil OOC for a min there but she was kidnapped so I think that gives her an excuse!

I hoped you liked Review please!

Chapter 3- Dreaming of You

A/N- Okay here is the 3rd Chap. I want to clarify something, the reason why

Christine knew the one guys voice. It was because he was the one who

kidnapped her, NOT because she knows him from somewhere else. Oh, and I’d

like to thank Nerwen for the help and being my beta.

Disclaimer-I do not own, Christine, Erik or sadly Raoul  ( I do own the plot

and kidnappers. )

Thanks to- Bobmcbobbob1, Son Ange and Lunasariel- I got a beta so I hope

this is better.

Dun dunna nun, nun, nun. The chapter is here Inside the screen


“We will find nothing more here. We need not waste more time at a dead end.”

Erik said as he took one last look around the De Chagny stable; they had

been searching for past hour, but it was to no avail. Erik had no idea how

they were going to find Christine now; he had been hoping to find a clue at

the stable. Raoul fell to his knees in defeat.

“Our one lead, and it-” Raoul felt a sharp pain in his knee “What is this?”

He lifted his knee to find the engagement ring he had given Christine. He

looked at it sadly, and went to put it in his pocket. As he raised his eyes,

he looked at the road ahead and saw the faint trail made from wagon wheels.

“Erik, come here, I think I found a trail.” Erik walked over to where Raoul

was kneeling on the ground.

“Well,” Erik said. “You better get your horse ready, the light will soon

start to fade.”


The door to the stable opened for the second time and the same man walked

in. As he walked over to Christine’s trembling form, Christine realized for

the first time that she was afraid, afraid of what these men could do to her

and afraid of dieing. But the thing she was most afraid of was never seeing

Raoul again. The man squatted down by her ankles; Christine squeezed her

eyes shut in fear. What was he going to do? She wondered. Suddenly she felt

the bonds around her ankles loosen. She opened her eyes to see the man

standing over her. He grabbed her arm and roughly jerked her to her feet. He

began leading her out the door of the stable and into a brightly lit room;

he roughly pushed her up a small staircase. They stopped at a door and as he

retained his grip on her forearm, he pulled a key from his pocket and jammed

it into the keyhole. He opened the door, pulled her in front of him, and

turned her around.

“Hold still, Cherie.” Christine gasped as she felt the cold metal of a

dagger against her wrist. This is it, she thought I am going to die; I am

going to die without ever seeing Raoul again. At this thought, tears came to

her eyes. She was doing all she could to keep from becoming hysterical when,

once again, she felt the loosening of her bonds, but this time, on her

wrists. The man turned her to face him with a rough twirl.

“This is your room. You will stay here until Sid or I come and get you.

Don’t even think about climbing out the window; we have guard dogs down

there that will bite your head off if you ain’t gotta piece of meat on you.

Understand?” He gritted though yellow teeth as he shook her to emphasize his

point. She bowed her head slightly.

“Good.” He said, pushing her away from him. He left, slamming the door shut.

Christine was standing the middle of the room taking in all that had

happened to her so far and all that could happen. She looked around the

room; it was small and its only contents were a window and small bed.

Christine walked over to the bed and lied down with only one thought on her

mind, Raoul.


“Raoul, no!” Christine screamed, jolting herself awake. She had had a

terrible dream: she and Raoul were at the beach where they had met when they

were children and they were standing at the coastline. Raoul had leaned in

to kiss her when a tidal wave came, swooping him up in the current and

leaving Christine alone on the beach. She sat up in the bed and was looking

around the small room when her attention was drawn to the door. It was open

slightly: this could be her only chance. She slowly got up and walked to the

door and hesitantly opened it and stepped out into the hallway. She could

see the staircase, it was only a few paces away. She steadied herself

against the wall and began to make her to the staircase. She was almost

there when she felt a large hand grab her by the neck and push her against

the wall.

“What are you doing out of bed, Cherie?” A gritty voice said.

“I, I ,I-” Christine choked out.

“Well,” He said doing a double take. “Since it’s just us, I don’t think

anyone will mind me having a little fun.” He said, his hand moving up her

hip and snaking around her back. Christine shuddered in fear and closed her

eyes, trying to block out what was going to happen to her.

“Fredric, get your hands off of her.” A pudgy man, who seemed to appear out

of nowhere said. “We ain’t supposed to touch her until we get word from the

boss. Go back to bed. I’ll take her to her room.” Fredric shot one last

glare into Christine’s frightened eyes. Giving her one last thrust against

the wall, he left. Sid grabbed Christine’s wrist and pulled her back to the

room. Roughly tossing her in he shut the door with a small click.


A/N- so the man’s name is Fredric and click is Sid locking the door. Okay I

hope you liked please review!

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Your story is very good, I can't believe I missed this one! (I LUV POTO stories, probably cause the ending to POTO still makes me sad everytime I watch it)

I hope you decide to keep going!!


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Chapter 4- Don’t Leave Me this Way

A/N- Okay 2 things: Christine was kidnapped on a Tuesday night, roughly around 9:00 pm for those wondering. And in this chap about Christine knowing Erik’s name was too hard to write in, so here is why she knows it.

On way back upstairs after I Remember

Christine- “So what’s your name?”

Erik- “Erik.”

Christine- “Cool.”

Not exactly like that, but just so it has an explanation. I wrote another chapter, which will be up soon WHOOO!

Disclaimer-I do not own, Christine, Erik or sadly Raoul (I do own the plot

and kidnappers.)

Thanks to- Bobmcbobbob1, Son Ange, Elven, ph04, romancelover222, shanede the Sanders ForeverwoodPOTOfan, Mrmistoffeles, Kchan88, annecordelia, Phantomica and Lunasariel

Well, Uh, Here you go (spongebob joke)


After they were positive Christine was asleep, Fredric and Sid went down stairs to await their boss’ arrival. Chaunce was known for being late. When he said 3:30 am, he meant 4 am. Soon, they heard a knock at the door. Sid, being the second mate, got up to get it.

“Good evening, Chaunce” Fredric said from the table, obviously being sarcastic.

“I have no time for your sarcasm, Fredric.” He snapped. “Did you get the girl?” He sat down at the table and Sid sat as well.

“Of course we got the girl. Have we ever failed you?” Fredric said, keeping his cool.

“Where is she now?”

“In her room.”


“Now, about our payment….”

Chaunce cut him off. “Fredric, we have already discussed this. You and Sid will get five percent for the both of you.” He said coolly, leaning back in his chair and folding his hands.

“Chaunce, that was a nice payment when we were rookies, but we have been doing your dirty work for 5 years and have yet to see a pay raise.”

“And that’s the reason why you do my dirty work.”

“Listen, Chaunce. If it weren’t for my father dying and leaving me this cabin, you’d be out of business. I am willing to negotiate. How about ten percent each?”

“That’s is a sturdy sum, fellows.”

“Well, how about fifteen for both of us?”

“You’d never be worth it. You two are worthless pieces of scum who I saved from the street.” Fredric stood up, pushing his chair back.


“You don’t mean that.”

“YES I DO, AND I WANT YOU NEVER TO RETURN! ME AND SID ARE IN BUSSINESS FOR OURSELVESS NOW!” Chaunce got up and walked to the door. Just before he closed the door, he turned back to the two men.

“You two are going to come back to me on your knees, begging to work for me again.”

“OUT!” Roared Frederic. And the door was slammed shut.


“We should rest, Erik. It is getting very dark and the trail is gone. We’ll be useless very quick, if we don’t rest.” Raoul said, hoping he could get Erik’s approval. He could barley keep his eyes open.

“If we are ever going to catch up with Christine’s kidnappers, we’ll have to search through the night.” He said sternly.

“What use can we be to Christine if we are falling over from exhaustion? How can we take her from her kidnappers if we can’t even keep our eyes open?” The Vicomt had him there, so he agreed to stop and rest. They tied up their horses and each made a makeshift bed. Within seconds, both were asleep. (A/N- no slashy. They each have their own place to sleep)


Christine heard the wind rustling through the window and the branches tapping against the wood of the cottage. The noises sounded like a soft lullaby and soon, her eyes begin to droop. She shook her head and forced them open again. She wouldn't fall asleep with those men out there. They could do anything while she slept and she wouldn't know. But after a few minutes, her eyes began to droop again and though she tried to keep them open, she soon fell fast asleep.

When Christine’s opened her eyes next, she was surrounded by white, only white. She looked around but couldn’t see anything besides the white. Suddenly, she saw a shape in the far off distance, but it soon became clearer. It was Raoul.

“Raoul!” Christine cried, as she ran right to Raoul’s arms. She buried her face in his chest, tears forming in her eyes. It felt so real; she could really touch him and feel him.

"Shhhhhh,” Raoul soothed, as he rubbed his hands down her back. “Christine, it's okay. Erik and I are going to find you soon. It would help if you could tell us where you are?"

Christine sniffed and looked up into Raoul’s eyes "You and Erik?" She asked, puzzled.

“Yes. He agreed to help me find you. Now, do you remember anything about where you are?" He asked with all seriousness.

"They are holding me at a cottage, but I don't know where it is. I do know it is far from a town, from what I can see."

"Anything else? Do you remember the road that they took?" Raoul asked desperately, grasping her shoulders, desperate for some clue to where she may be.

"I…” She said looking down, hoping Raoul would not be disappointed “…was unconscious for the ride and I do not remember anything. I woke up in an empty stable. I am sorry." She said, once again breaking down into his chest.

“There is no need to be sorry, my dear. None of this is not your fault.” He said, giving her a gentle smile, that suddenly tuned to a look of worry. “Did they harm you?"

"No. No, I am fine." She said, not wanting to worry him. They embraced for a few more moments, taking in the feel of each other.

“GET UP, YOU LAZY GIRL!” Christine tightened her grip on Raoul with a look of horror on her face.

"Oh no! They are coming. Don't leave me, Raoul. Please stay forever. Don’t leave me this way.” She pleaded, holding onto Raoul for dear life.

"I must, my dear. Just remember that I love you and we will be together soon." So saying, he lifted her head and claimed her lips with his. Even in a dream, she felt the fire take over her body and her lips respond to his. Christine wanted to stay like that forever, sinking his sweet taste.

"WAKE UP!" Christine parted from Raoul with tears in her eyes.

“I love you.” She whispered before silently fading away.


A/N- Just so you know, they were, like, dreaming together and Christine heard Sid coming in to the room. Also, it feels real because Raoul is dreaming the exact same thing.

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OMG tick tick tick

Next post is taking too long

Come on Girlie!!

It's a good concept, nice twist there can't wait to read the rest

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