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One More Kiss.

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Okay, so my mom dropped over tonight with a passover present for me, Six months ago, I had One More Kiss ordered from the US (pleasantly, I've also found my laptop's DVD player is region free! Whoop! That saves me $200 next month) I'm halfway through it, though it's not the first time I watched it, but I must say, did anyone else find Charlotte's reaction to the whole thing irrational? I mean, she gets jealous of Sarah who has a teminal illness for wanting someone to be with her to do the last things together.

I understand some of ther jealousy, and I'm quite sure it's not because I'm bias (Sarah actually irritates me) but I do think she's behaving like a little child that doesn't want to share her toys. I mean, a) it's not like Sarah can steal him away, b) she's MARRIED to him and c) what would be the point of Sarah stealing him away in the first place? She can't keep him (not to sound bluntly morbid, but it's fact).

I don't know why her attitude is annoying the heck out of me, it just is. Did anyone else find her reaction to be silly and pointless?

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