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3/29 - Which 'Dragon' Star Had the Misfit Teen Years: Gerard Butler or Jay Baruchel?

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'How To Train Your Dragon' was the most popular kid on the box office playground this weekend. Clearly, the story of a young misfit, Hiccup, trying to find his place in rugged Viking life connected with audiences.

But which of the film's stars related to the misfit theme most? There's Gerard Butler (hunky man-slayer in '300' and woo-er of Jennifer Aniston in 'The Bounty Hunter') and Jay Baruchel (Hiccup's actual voice and the star of 'She's Out of My League').

Apparently the answer was not as obvious as it seems.

Read full article here.

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Artsy people are always misfits in highschool. Unfortunately, schools play to sports and cheerleaders and those are always the popular people but not necessarily the ones who become successful in adult life. The "geeks" are usually the ones that excel later on. However, when it comes to being a misfit, there's no better place on Earth to feel free to express yourself, be quirky, outrageous, and totally appreciated and accepted for it like Hollywood!

Thanks, Beachy


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