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Best scnes that give you chills/capture Gerry's intensity

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Here's my top 5 favorite scenes where Gerry really nails this role:

1. Clyde being told about the "deal" with Darby

2. Clyde and Darby out in field and in warehouse (from the time when he calls Darby's phone from just feet away with altered voice to end of scene in warehouse)

3. Clyde giving first "confession" to Nick.

4. Clyde in courtroom berating the judge.

5. Clyde explaining to Nick why he killed cellmate.

I don't why he wasn't nominated for an Oscar! For me, Gerry is an acting genius in this role.

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I've finally seen it today (it was released in my country this weekend, can you believe? when I thought I would never see it in the cinema, LOL), and for me I'd say the most chilling scene, even if there are a lot of them, is in the ending, when he discovers that Nick has put the napalm in his cell, looks at the suitcase under his bed, and smiles. I was expecting that to happen (him smiling) but the moment made me feel so emotional. Almost crying.

As most of you say, it's a great film and a wonderful performance by Gerry.

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Let's face it, Gerry shines in this movie. I have seen it umpteen times and I STILL want to cry everytime he says, "Please don't make a deal with this man." Oy vey ... just kill me.

I think some scenes are better than others (as always). The entire scene with the meal ... from the moment he gets the food through killing his cell mate ... is BRILLIANT. My favorite line: "How can you expect me not to fook with you, Warden, when you can't even be honest with me?" I love that line. (That and "Fook you and your pomme frites!" :lmao: ) When he's covered in ReNo's blood and says, "I think I need a shower, Warden," just knowing that was Gerry's idea makes it all the more intense (he mentioned this in an article).

I love the final scene when Clyde realizes he's going to die. Gerry's eyes and facial expressions convey everything ... no words needed.

Seriously, though, I still think this is Gerry's best work to date. I never get tired of watching it, and I wish it was still on the big screen.


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For me, it was in the round cell, when Nick starts to walk away and Clyde says "Counselor.." looks up "You'd better cancel your 12:30 with Judge Roberts(?)"

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For me it is the killing of his cellmate. With the blood all over his face he stares at the camera and all you could see are his eyes looking soooo innocent - like a wounded animal. Amazing.

Just read somewhere where a sequel to LAC is being talked about...did Clyde have another escape route?

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