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HOW TO: Display your avatar


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Q - What is an avatar?

A - An avatar is a small graphic that can be viewed under your member name in posts on the forum.

To display your very own avatar, go to your name box located at the top right of your screen.

Click on your name for the pull down menu to show and click on "Settings".

Posted Image

Now, you will see the header "Your Options".

Click on "Profile" then "Change Avatar".

Posted Image

The top/first avatar can only be 100 pixels height x100 pixels width.

Your second and third avatar spots cannot be any larger than 160 pixels height and 120 pixels width.

HOW TO: Upload pictures/graphics > http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=15420

When you look at your avatar settings, you have 4 options.

1. Upload a new image from your computer

2. Enter a URL to an online avatar image

3. ~or~ enter your Gravatar e-mail address

4. Pre-installed avatars

If you choose enter a URL to an online avatar such as Photobucket please remember they call it a DIRECT LINK instead,

but it is the same thing.

Use your mouse and left click on the link to highligh it.

Posted Image

Then, right click on the link to show a mim menu that say's, "Copyy" and left click on it.

Posted Image

Now, go back to your avatar page and right click your mouse (in the Enter a URL to an online avatar image box)

the mini menu appears and left click on "Paste".

Your link to your avatar will be in the box now.

On the bottom of the page it say's, "Save Changes".

Click on that, let the page refresh and your current avatar will be posted there for you to see.

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