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Guidelines for Membership and Posting


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These are the GALS guidelines for membership and posting. Please read them carefully and adhere to them, which will help the GALS Forum run smoothly and make your membership and participation a wonderful experience!

Any violations will be removed at the discretion of the Admins and Mod Squad.

Blocking or not responding to communication with members of the Mod Squad -- ESPECIALLY Admins, will result in immediate "Mod Review."

Thank you!


for the Admins and Mod Squad

Guidelines for Posting

1-A. Each and every registered member is a person, who deserves respect and vice versa. E-mailing and Private Messaging people to attack them personally off board is also unacceptable behavior and when reported to the Admins, may be grounds for temporary suspension or permanent banning from the forum.

1-B. We are all entitled to have differing opinions and we all need to respect that. By all means voice a different opinion but please be respectful about it. Anyone found to be causing offense or being rude to another member, will be put on "moderator review" immediately.

1-C. Freedom of Speech - Just because this site is owned and operated by an American citizen does not mean that every member has the right to exercise free speech under the laws or amendments of the Constitution of the United States of America. This is a privately owned site; not owned or operated by the U.S. Government; and THAT is the beauty and meaning of Freedom of Speech in action!

1-D. OWNERSHIP - No one can take "ownership" of any thread and/or topic, forum or subforum. If you begin to feel that you own a particular thread, perhaps you need to step away. Dr. Em is the only one who "owns" anything on this board.

2. In addition, when we ask for respect, we ask for it in regards to everyone, not just members.

  • Please refrain from disparaging comments regarding people and ladies pictured with Gerard.

  • No nasty comments regarding other celebrities, and other internet sites and forums. This is NOT a site to complain about anyone else, nor to post unkind or libelous remarks.
  • Any posts that have objectionable contents will be subject to immediate removal and the member will be notified. (Including posts with links to information about any of Gerry's friends or family. See below: 5-B)
  • NO speculating on Gerry's personal life, including rumors or 'reports' from other web-sites (see below: 15)


Appropriate content - We all love to be racy and naughty, but there is only one thing to be said...when you post, think, "Would I like Gerry to read this?" We think it's a pretty good barometer for your posting. If you would feel uncomfortable with G-man reading your post, then don't post it. If you would feel okay, then post it. Please remember to be respectful and not confrontational! However, if the MS disagrees, we will pull your post and notify you.

4 -A. No posting of Gerry's personal family photos (such as school photos, family wedding photos, etc.) This is specifically by Gerry's request and out of respect for Gerry any such photos posted will be immediately removed.

4-B. Manipulated/altered pictures of individuals purportedly, allegedly or otherwise assumed to be interacting with Gerry outside of the public arena (that is to say his "private life") are not allowed.

4-C. Inappropriate 'news', 'gossip' and 'rumor' posts will be removed; R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Immediate removal, Mod Review, RESPECT! Read the post here. Contact a Moderator if you find something that falls into this category.

5-A. No posting of personal information regarding Gerry. This includes, but is not limited to, information gleaned from "social media" (i.e., Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc.) detailing personal and/or specific information regarding his whereabouts, travel companions and/or activities outside of a public appearance. If Gerry wants to tell the world where he is going on vacation and who is there with him, then that's his choice. We can't prevent others from invading his personal space and then posting about it on the internet. We can, however, prevent the minutia of Gerry's private "everyday" life from being exploited at GALS.

GENERAL information as to whereabouts is acceptable (e.g., "Wow, I just saw Gerard Butler at the Starbucks in New York.") SPECIFIC information is unacceptable. (e.g., "Wow, I just saw Gerry at the Starbucks on the corner of Pinky and Pine in SoHo. OMG! He was with his Mum and Lolita! They were so cute!"). Posts deemed invasive will be removed immediately and without warning.

EXCEPTION: In the event Gerry is knowingly photographed (e.g., poses for the pictures), or is in a public area wherein one may reasonably presume he expects to be photographed (e.g., the streets of Brazil) posts discussing and/or including the picture will be allowed. Photos and/or references to Gerry in a private moment (e.g., talking to a woman, with members of his family, etc.) are still prohibited. If you're uncertain, that's not a problem. Just contact a mod for guidance.

5-B. No posting of personal information regarding Gerry's family, friends and associates (phone numbers, addresses, etc.) We strongly discourage seeking out such information as well.

6. This is a PG-13++ (!) board. We do have registered users who are younger than 18. Admins reserve the right to delete any messages, avatars or signatures that violates this rule. As our fearless leader says: "Remember, I want to be able to push the envelope, without popping it completely open. Ya know what I mean?" We like innuendo, not out and out, open smut.

7. No Swearing. Let's try and keep it polite, we will allow some swearing, after all we are grown ups, but let's remember, we are LADIES and GENTLEMEN, too.

8. Netspeak and Etiquette

  • Just don't!! If you don't know what it is, you're probably not doing it, but here's an example: l8er, instead of later.
  • AnD DoNt DO tHIs We all make typos; but if you do this in every post, it is just careless.
  • DO NOT TYPE IN ALL CAPITALS...this is the internet equivalent to shouting.
9. Starting threads. Please - feel free to start threads! On whatever you want!! Please do!!!

We really would like to hear from you, post your pictures, stories, jokes whatever. Please see: 3. Appropriate content

Please pick appropriate forums for each...don't post your joke in the All Things Gerry forum, or ask for help in New Pictures. If you're not sure where to post something, please contact a Mod Squad member who will be happy to assist.

10A. Image Limit - Continuing with bandwidth issues, and out of courtesy to our dial-up members, there is a picture/graphic post limit of 10. No post will be allowed to contain more than 10 pictures and/or graphics.

10B. Do not post large pics or graphics. Small pics and graphics, not exceeding 250x250 pixels are acceptable, along with thumbnails and 'clickable' thumbnails. Over-sized posted photos will be changed to links by a Moderator or removed if a link cannot be found.


The Official Spanker - Our police GAL is - the Official Spanker. Really, it is just an admin user name. But Official Spanker sounds more exciting doesn't it? So, if you do something naughty - you maybe "spanked!" We try to have fun, and keep things lighthearted, but being spanked is SERIOUS. Repeated spankings, and members ignoring board rules could lead to suspension or banning.

12. Hijacking of topics will NOT be accepted. Don't do it, if you do, your posts will be deleted.

13. No Politics! No posting of images or discussions of anything political (local, regional or world) and/or of a provocative or inciting nature. Including, but not limited to, topics such as animal and/or human rights, abortion, religion, sexual orientation, etc. This site is maintained for pleasure, fun and enjoyment. If the Mod Squad determines that an image or topic incites argument or general unrest on the board, it will be prohibited. Posts that contain such will be edited or removed by a Moderator.

14A. Do not quote religious text. While we offer a prayer section, no posting of religious views, quoting of religious text, etc., please.

14B. Using religious terms as an expletive and/or in a derogatory manner is unacceptable., i.e., "God," "Jesus Christ," "Christ," "Allah," "Buddha," "Brahman," etc., (This also applies to those writing "role play" and/or "fan fiction" wherein a character may use such terms as, "***damn," etc.).

14C. Referencing religious icons is acceptable, if used respectfully and/or in prayer. Also acceptable, is the general use of "God." ("He was so cute, God love him." "God help me, I can't decide." "He had a true God-given talent..." "OMG!" "Oh, my gawd!""Oh, my gosh.")

Unacceptable use of religious terms includes "massaged" versions of the words, i.e., "$^%," "Jayzus," etc.

15. Do not bring Controversy to GALS. Please do not bring controversy, drama and gossip to GALS from another board, blog or fan site. Do not post links to any of these subjects either. The unrest will stay on the other boards. Posts containing such will be removed and may result in member being placed on Mod Review.


~ Use of harsher sexually-derived words (such as "f**k") used in any context;

~ Obscene, abusive, racist, defamatory or threatening discussions, posts, materials and/or images;

~ Adult-oriented content, including nudity and references to male or female sexual body parts;

Clarification of nudity: photos that involve the bare buttocks (i.e. "300" moonlight scene) may be used in the open forum but ONLY as a THUMBNAIL or a link and WITH a warning that exposed buttocks will be seen if the thumbnail or link is clicked. This allows for nudity that falls within the guidelines of PG13, but allows those who do not want to see it to avoid it. This does NOT allow for the use of such pictures in siggies, where they are larger than thumbnail.

~ Overly sexually-suggestive and/or sexually-graphic discussions, posts and/or images; and

~ Discussions, posts, materials and/or images on narcotics and/or on use of narcotics.

~Viruses or any other harmful computer software.

~Spam, chain letters, or pyramid schemes;

~Hacking or cheating for internet/online games, Warez, Roms, CD-Keys, Cracks, Passwords, or Serial Numbers,

~Pornography or nudity.

~Content that is invasive of privacy or impersonation of any person/entity.

Public bashing of GALS

Bashing of GALS or it's staff on another site by a known member will result in that member being banned from GALS.

"Terms of service" agreement violations

When the site was opened, Dr Em had to sign a Terms of Service agreement. If this is broken, the site can be taken off the Internet. Any member who causes problems in this area will be immediately banned.

If you have a question about something specific, please PM or e-mail a moderator BEFORE posting.

Any postings of such will be deleted and member will be banned.


Blocking or not responding to communication with members of the Mod Squad -- ESPECIALLY Admins, will result in immediate "Mod Review."

DO NOT police other members

Please do not police other members! We will be enforcing these guidelines where necessary, but the admins and mods will be the ones to determine when things have gone too far.

You are welcome to Report a Post, but do not address the other member directly until we have assessed the issue. Decisions made by the Mod Squad are final.

Over 18

If you don't think you can contain yourself to PG-13, we have opened an Over 18 section for people to enjoy. For specifics please go to: Over 18 Guidelines

Official Spanker

If the "Official Spanker" has to spank you, please don't get offended. The rules for posting are there for a reason. If you want to go a little wilder, please do so via phone calls, PM's or e-mail.

Disappearing Topics/Posts

  • A topic may 'disappear' from forum for a few reasons.
  • If a topic suddenly disappears in the open forum, you may want to check to see if it was moved to the Over 18 area or different part of forum.
  • Older topics, with no new posts go 'off board' or 'invisible'. To find them follow this easy procedure outlined here.
  • The topic may have been set to 'invisible' while the Mod Squad rules on an issue it may contain. Be patient, one of the MS will contact you if you started the thread, and will advise you of our decision.

Grounds for Membership Revocation/Banning

Disregard of any of the Guidelines - highlighted in red - will result in Member being put on 'Moderation Review'.

Any member having been placed on Moderation Review three times, upon additional violation, will have their membership revoked and will be banned from GALS.

These Guidelines and Notes will be updated, changed or amended as need warrants.

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