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Gerard Butler GALS

Dailymotion TBH interview

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This interview from Dailymotion is hilarious especially after the firt two minutes. It's the thumbnail with both JA and G.

Gerry looks gorgeous (again, surprise, surprise! :-) ) and to be honest JA is adoable too and sexy in the black dress.

On the same page, on the right, there is a thumbnail with JA as well. Check this out too, it's the same interview but from a different camera with close ups. Oh, those eyes!

You need to be patient with the colour bars and noise for the actual interview to start.


P.S. I haven't said much about TBH because let's just say that I am not a big fan. But after this interview, if I ever meet G and I'm asked what I thought of the movie, I will say: Well, at least you had fun making it, dear! :-)

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Thanks Theresa. This was great. I thought the tone was different from the other interviews I've seen. Gerry just seemed relaxed to me.

Thanks for posting.

I hope we get this one in Multi Media.

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I could see the looks on their faces as the interviewer was trying to make some profound,underlying moral element to the movie and they were forced to dissect their characters. "At the end of the day" it was just a fun movie! Nothing more, nothing less!

Thanks, T.


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:wuv: Loved this interview...Gerry is just so good at interviews...he never seems to be at a loss..He is an amazing man. He would have been an amazing lawyer..but I am glad he is not.. He also looked beautiful.. :yummy:
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Theresa, great find on these BH interview videos with Gerry and Jennifer. In the past two weeks, I've had 5 GALS ask me where to find the video where Gerry is laughing (see mine and Frannie's 2nd avatar, made by Cheryl/Paisleyscot).

Since, I'm getting so many requests for where to find this video, I'm stopping by to give a shout-out for this thread and these wonderful videos of Gerry. I hope everyone has fun watching and discussing them! :cunning::pointy::funnyface:

I love watching Gerry laugh!!!

On with the fun, Ladies!


P.S. Although this is off topic, I want to encourage anyone, who is interested in having a copy of this avatar, to go to Cheryl's thread Paisleyscots Avatars and look at all the wonderful avatars she has made for all of us--GALS. Free for the taking!!! Just RC&S!

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