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Gerard Butler GALS

Gerry Addicted Lust Syndrome


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Welcome to Floor #43 of the GALS Support Center - only 26 floors to go to reach 69!!

Since we are starting to get screencaps from The Game of Their Lives this is the Game Floor. What games would YOU like to play with Gerry (keep it PG-13 GALS). Are you a sporty type who likes outdoor rough and tumble stuff, or are you more cerebral and like the indoor brain teasers (chess anyone?). Or perhaps something else altogether... (there is that ellipsis again).

Floors 1-16 are under re-construction!

Wet & Wild - Floor #17 (Slippery When Wet!)

Huggie Bear - Kissie Face - Flooor #18

Vanilla Dreams - #Floor 19

How Kinky Can You Get With Gerry From the Neck Up - Floor #20

Gerry in Black - Floor #21

A Treasure Chest of Goodies! - Floor #22

What would YOU do with the Yellow Towel? - Floor #23

The Fruity Floor - Floor #24

Gerry's Feat of Nature - Floor #25

Gerry - The Phantom Lover - Floor #26

Romantic Marek - Marek Madness! - Floor #27

Dracula - Dead and Loving It! - Floor #28

Gerry’s Luxuriously Luscious Locks! - Floor #29

Our Dark Desires - Floor #30

Floor #31 - Kilty Pleasures

Floor #32 - Happy Birthday Gerry!

Floor #33 - Thanksgiving

Floor #34 - I’m Dreaming of a Very Gerry Christmas!

Floor #35 - The Twelve Nights of Gerry

Floor #36 - Naughty or Nice

Floor #37 - 300 Reasons to Love the New Year

Floor #38 - Remember Your First Time (POTO)

Floor #39 - The Stranger Floor - We're All Connected

Floor #40 - The Terry Floor - Get the Kinks Out!

Floor #41 - Nibbles and Bits - those tasty places you can't resist

Floor #42 - The Heart and Soul Floor - what do you see in Gerry's?

Now back to our Therapy!!!

Yes! This is our NEW Mantra:

Sink the Boat -- Ride the Phantom!!!

A HUGE THANK YOU to QAZklh for making the graphic for us..."

Posted Image

AND NOW.... the original thread.

Being the compassionate person that I am, I can recognize a cry for help when I see one. Having said that, I have decided to start a new support group for those of us with Gerry Addicted Lust Syndrome – from now on, all with Gerry Addicted Lust Syndrome with be known as GALS.

This group is open to all GALS and non-GALS alike who believe they are in serious need of support and guidance as they realize how serious their addiction has become. This is not a support group which advocates traditional intervention, as the failure rate would be astronomical, but merely a group whom you can turn to who share in your addictions or withdrawals, whichever the case may be. Some of the signs that you have GALS include, but are not limited to:

1. You buy every magazine on the rack looking for photos or articles of Gerry and start to get the jitters when there has been no sign of him for weeks.

2. You drive 500 miles to see a Gerry movie.

3. Your significant other (or just someone you're dating) gives you stark reminders they are SOOOO NOT Gerry.

4. Co-workers, friends and/or family start teasing you for your addiction – people can be so cruel...

5. You become addicted to caffeine because you can’t pull yourself away from GB.net...."'cause just MAYBE he'll be on Chat tonight."

6. You obsess with much glee, "Gerry has a computer...and he knows how to use it!!!!"

7. You find yourself asking aloud, "Did he REALLY mean what he said about the 3:00 a.m. thing and does he REALLY wear a size 11 shoe?" Then smile broadly.

8. You catch yourself speaking in a Scottish accent for no apparent reason.

9. You change the decor in your bathroom to accommodate your new yellow towels.

10. The "G-Spot" takes on a whole new meaning.

11. You spend days wondering why a Scot would be named "Andre." :huh:

12. You buy “Mrs. Brown” just for the skinny-dipping scene and play that one scene in slow mo and super slow mo, over and over and over again. (Okay, so maybe that was just me.) :D

13. You have a picture of Gerry in your wallet, and refer to him as “your man, Gerry.”

14. You spend your hard-earned cash assigned for other “non-essential” items (phone bill, power bill, etc.) on essential Gerry related items.

15. You go shopping for your “real-life” man and finding yourself thinking, “OMG!!! Gerry would look so :censored: hot in that!!!

16. You have to buy a new hard drive to accommodate all your pics and videos of Gerry.

17. You search through a couple hundred $5.50 DVDs at Wal-Mart because an employee said Dracula 2K might be there.

18. You can't possibly walk past Starbucks without dreaming that maybe... *sighs*

19. You refer to the Gerry wallpaper on your computer as your “happy place.”

20. While looking up at the clouds you SWEAR there's a cloud in the shape of a "G"...funny thing is, the Tart next to you sees the same thing!!!

21. Multiples (Gerrygasms) are an every day occurrence!!!

This list will continue to grow as you tell me your addictions...

Below is a very simple 10-step program to help foster our addiction.

1. You must admit you have GALS. This is so important to further your addiction. Yes, this support group wants to nourish your addiction, not starve it. We are here for you.

2. Come to believe the Great and Powerful Gerry is greater than ourselves and only our visions and/or fantasies can keep us addicted. To truly become addicted, however, one must at one time in ones life made the Gerry Mecca Journey (GMJ) and meet him in person.

3. Make a decision to turn our will and lives over to our addiction to Gerry.

4. Make a searching and fearless immoral inventory of our fantasies of Gerry.

5. Lend your support to those who have GALS, but are yet unable to admit it.

6. Watch every movie (more than once) in which Gerry has a role. To be truly addicted, you must develop a love of all Gerry genres (yes, this includes “Tale of the Mummy” and “Dracula 2000”).

7. Frequently quote lines from Gerry films. Memorize them, use them, replace old phrases with new Gerry lines. This will prove to all your serious commitment to your addiction.

8. Know Gerry’s biography better than you know your own. True GALS will know all Gerry’s trivia. Study it, soak it in, become one with Gerry's biography.

9. Give generously (money folks) to the website which has fostered your addictions and allowed your fantasies to take flight.

10. Convert all who are convertible to this syndrome. This is the true mark of GALS. Do not judge - for your next recruit may be your boss!

As this is a relatively new Syndrome, the above guidelines are subject to editing, amending or scrapping all together as we GALS deem necessary.

The first step to true addiction is to admit you have GALS!! I will begin the group.

"My name is Dr. Em and I have GALS."

All are welcome to join in our group. GALS, we must not suffer in silence!!! We now have a voice!!! Let it be heard!

*Disclaimer: We GALS appreciate not only Gerry’s royal hotness for which there is no rival, we indeed, also recognize his abundance of talent, soul, passion, spirit, sense of style and humor, sincerity...can I stop now? Our addictions are all-encompassing and we embrace Gerry EVERY WHICH WAY WE CAN!!!*

To Cleobethra for our “Warning Label.”

Posted Image



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Top Posters In This Topic

Well I wouldn't mind playing soccer, in the rain, with him after watching GOTL. He can guard my goal anytime! Thanks for the screencaps Barb - my copy shipped today so I should have it within a couple of days. For those who haven't seen it (which is most) during that shot the camera slowly pans from his feet up to his waist and I pegged that (at the time, this was pre-GALS) the Tart Shot (guess now it will be the GALS Shot) and some of us actually called that out during the movie when there were a few of us in the audience.

But really I'm into more "indoor" games so how about naked Twister? ::D:

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Morning GALS,

What games do I want to play? Is wrestling a game? If so, I call that one. I would love to wrestle with Gerry....bodies tangled up, him PINNING me flat on the mat...sounds like Heaven to me.

So, did any of you watch the superbowl? I thought it was the most boring game I have ever seen. Usually when I watch tv I always hit mute during the commercials. I hate noise. So yesterday, the only time I hit unmute was when the commercials came on. I really wasn't too impressed with those this year either. Over all I was pretty freaking bored with the whole day. I did watch Grey's Anatomy after the super bowl. Any one else watch? Now at least I know to run like h**l if I am in a hospital and they yell Code Black.

Beachie, sorry our phone call was so short on Saturday. Your mom is still in my prayers.

Dawn, I can't even think of anything to say to you, so here :funnyface:

Sofie, hope to catch up with you later today. ::D:

Lish, I think it is so cool how I just picked up the phone and called you and we began talking like we were old friends. I didn't even say Hello, this is Suz, I just started rambling. :kisswink:

Amy, did the wake go ok? When is the funeral? Again, I am sorry for your loss.

Swan, I am so sorry that someone was so rude to give you bad comments about your story. You don't deserve that. Hugs to you Sweetie. :angry:

I hope each and every one of you has a great day, night depending on where you are. :bleh:



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Suz, I know exactly what you mean. It's just nuts how I can just pick up the phone and start talking about snobby friends, grumpy husbands, or Sexy Scotsmen with any one of you guys and feel like I'm chatting with someone I've known my whole life. It's just that we all have this bond like we're sisters. You know, a family of about 800 ish sisters... hehehe

Games I'd like to play with Gerry??? Hmmmmmmm....

I like Susan's Twister idea... and Mud Soccer would be nice. Maybe Kiss tag... But just to spend time with him and any game would be the game of MY life. If I had to pick ONLY ONE, it would be Monopoly. It takes so darn long to play! Plus, I'd like to look into his business sense and if he'd let me make 'alternative payments' if I landed on Boardwalk!!!


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list of games to play with Gerry

Pente I love that you have to think 3 moves ahead and i think it would be fun to watch his face as he though.

SlapJack who does not giggle and cheat and push hands away during slapjack?

uno ooohhh the smack talking that can go on during an uno game

go fish ( i cheat at this one, i know its a flaw)

Shout about the Movies with my WHOLE family, so much trash talk sooo little time.

I know, i'm a geek.

The Jes

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Forget playing games with Gerry now. I just want to sit back and watch him eat an ice cream sandwich. Thank you Gabriel for putting that image in my head.

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Yowser! Hot image!!

My choice for games...

Strip poker :cool: ...

winner takes all :headspin:

Handball against the wall... :cunning:





Posted Image

look at those hands...

bet he has good ball control :rotflmao:

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Hiya GALS,

I would play strip poker with him (but my problem is that I don't play that game very well)or a game of twister.

Suz- I get your point. Whenever I talk to Dawn (evnthough it is short) it feels like we know eachother since long. BTW you and Lish need to give me your number so maybe we can talk sometime on the phone.

Ladies- I'm here for a while

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Bethy or Sarah - we really need an animated graphic of the tongue from Rock Star action only he's licking an ice cream sandwich. Who is going to rise to the challenge and create that for us???? If you do can I have it for my Gerrytine's siggy please?????? Oooh, and put an ice cream sandwich where the fruitbasket is in the other scene!!!!! ::D: :bleh: :headspin:
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Bethy or Sarah - we really need an animated graphic of the tongue from Rock Star action only he's licking an ice cream sandwich. Who is going to rise to the challenge and create that for us???? If you do can I have it for my Gerrytine's siggy please?????? Oooh, and put an ice cream sandwich where the fruitbasket is in the other scene!!!!! ::D: :bleh: :headspin:

What a hot siggy idea lol I sure hope it can be done!

The Jes

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Somebody please post the wet and wild photo from TGOL! I thought I had saved it to my desk top, but somehow I don't have it!

And why is it that I have a sudden craving for a double scoop of ice cream topped with nuts, whipped topping and a cherry?


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Bethy or Sarah - we really need an animated graphic of the tongue from Rock Star action only he's licking an ice cream sandwich. Who is going to rise to the challenge and create that for us???? If you do can I have it for my Gerrytine's siggy please?????? Oooh, and put an ice cream sandwich where the fruitbasket is in the other scene!!!!! ::D: :bleh: :headspin:

I see sweet Gabe has changed everyones views on ice cream sandwiches. Yummy!
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Hey Gals

Things are quite, um "refreshing" around here today. So how long do you think it will be before we have an ice cream sandwich emotie??? One intact and one melted??

Suz, :bleh:

Lish, haha, you're at work!!

Sofie, so you free this weekend? It's just a really, really long flight???

Amy, hope you're doing well, we'll talk to you real soon!!

Gabe... :tasty: you are so....

So there's screen caps? Where, what am I missing, are there thighs involved?

As for games, I also want to wrestle with Gerry, mud wrestle, clothing optional of course?

MMMMM slippery Gerry!!!



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*ahem* Sorry, just had to get that out! I had 75 emails to get through (you mods you.... :kisswink: ) then five pages of the last floor...and I'm trying to coordinate a cast party for the show I was just in, AND focusing on the show I'm doing now, AND trying to get homework done, AND trying to get my actual WORK done....

Good night!! So, a drive by posting! I love ya'll to crumbs! (as my little sister says) And she says it's the crumbs at the bottom of an apple pie, yum!!

Sofie, so good to see you posting, I've missed you! Lish, hooray for your anniversary! Cat, SUCH a lovely chat last night, thank you! And now I'm off to read the latest chapter of Chanson.................. :tasty:

CANDY! I know you'll be here again after you rest from your holiday, hello girl!

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Dawn - actually I'm not free this weekend but we will meet sooner or later. Like I said if I can't make it to Vegas then I'm coming to Canada.We just have to meet. And yeah, it would a long flight for just one weekend and being back on Monday to get to work.

Abrock - aaahhh That is so nice from you. You are so great.

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Somebody please post the wet and wild photo from TGOL! I thought I had saved it to my desk top, but somehow I don't have it!


Here you go Swan!

Posted ImagePosted Image

Do-you-see-what-I-see? :tasty:

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