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Gerard Butler GALS

TBH and HTTYD Greek box office

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I know Greece is a small market and the actual numbers are not that big but I was very happy to find out that last weekend Gerry held the top two positions in the Greek film box office. TBH was first by far, followed by HTTYD.

And people now know him by his name (not just the guy from 300) and he gets a lot of mentions on the news and other TV programs.

He's come a long way in the last year on an international level!


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Theresa, that's good news! Do you think the Greeks "get it"? ;) I am really excited about Gerry's rising star as of late. I think back a few months ago when I was cruising the Virgins and taking "Scotty" around and people would ask me what I was doing with a doll. And I would say, "Oh, this isn't just ANY doll, this is Scotty McCool and he's on a mission for Charity for the Gerard Butler, GALS. I'd say about half knew who he was and then after I mentioned a few of his movies, recognition set in. Now, I'm wondering what they're all thinking now, eh?

Thanks for the info.


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Thanks for letting us know that Theresa! Just good to hear that he is getting the recognition he so deserves and now internationally! :yay:


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