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Dracula 2000 on Blu-ray

Texas gramma

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I just went on Amazon to see if I could order Dracula 2000 in Blu-Ray, and it now available. I started reading through the "Reviews" on the bottom of the page and I came across a review by someone called "Mir". At one point she stated:

"If you're a Butlerian Crushgirl--by all means, rent or buy this. The moments with Mr. Butler are worth the price. When he sniffs Mary, it's the kind of fully-dressed erotic moment that puts all the nude scenes in cinema to shame, and it proves that when you have people with intensity and charisma and screen "itness", an expression, a breathy phrase, these are more sensual than a million displays of nakedness and groaning." :shower:

I have decided I like being called a Butlerian Crushgirl. That sums up most of us pairfectly! TeeHee :cunning: Oh, and I ordered the Blu-Ray too!


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Thanks for letting us know this is available on BluRay now. I'll have to go order it.

I know I've said it before, but why do I love it so much when he says "Catholic" in this movie? I do love the scene mentioned in the review and also when he says "She's My Mary Now". The scene with Christopher Plummer, really good. The rooftop The extended/deleted scenes. Okay, I can see that I might list all of Gerry's scenes, so I'll stop now.

This might not have been the best movie in the world, but I still think the back story with Judas had a lot of potential. I'd have to go back to find the quote from the director when he knew they'd lost the movie they wanted to do, but I guess that happens sometimes. It's unfortunate.

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Just when I think I'll take a GB break, news like this pops up!! Thanks for the info though!! Dracula is right up there near the top of my fave GB movies. The movie itself isn't so hot but who cares? HE is SUPER HOT in this one. The stroll through Virgin Records, the scenes with Lucy, the walk into Mary's room after the plane crash...the "come let us feast" scene..oh my I must stop! His "we're all so much more COMPLICATED than our names"...line really hit me and I decided to use "complicated" when I joined Gals. Wish he'd do more love scenes like the ones in this movie...seems now they make him stay too controlled...darn!! The special features are great as well. In the director's commentary version they talk of Gerard's first day on the set, great stuff!! I'll be buying this one for sure..my original is worn out..at least the GB parts are anyway!

..... Thanks again Texas Gramma...I always enjoy reading your comments.....too funny.....

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