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5/10 - Fun Video of Gerry singing in Serbian Club!

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Fun Video of Gerry singing in Serbian Club!

Watch video

From Blic News:

Partying in "Oh! Cinema "was a great opportunity for the film crew, of "Coriolanus"' to relax after shooting in the Serbian capital. The main star of the evening was, of course, Gerard Butler, who is great fun in the company of Mark Miskovic, executive producer of the film and Gabriele Tane, producer "Coriolanus." Martina Rajic, did not attend and the actor was seen throughout the evening enjoying the company of many girls who wanted to take pictures and chat with Hollywood stars.

At the end of the evening he did not resist, grabbed the microphone, and joined the band on stage and sang the song "Sex Bomb", which in the atmosphere in the club led to a fever pitch.

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Amazing!!!!! :ty: sooooo much Cheryl for posting this!!!!

I'm so glad Gerry enjoyed his stay in Belgrade -- he truly experienced city's energy and atmosphere. And if nothing else, Belgrade is famous for its specific energy.

And he looks amazing -- singing and dancing, living his life to the fullest :woohoo: :woohoo:

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That's awesome! Thank you Cheryl for finding this treasure! Gerry certainly does have fun wherever he goes! Happy man, a beauty on his arm and a mike in his hand! LOL


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Moira ....that's because I wasn't there.....although my nickers would prolly knock him over! Grannie panties ya know??:p

:funnyup: Frannie

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I'm gutted for Gerry that nobody flung their nickers at him ala Tom Jones - who sang the original :lmao:



That's great! Gerry always looks like he's having fun, when he's singing.

It seems like he's enjoyed his time Serbia, but I don't pretend to know what that man's really thinking. I think the wheels are always turning. Sometimes I think I know, but then.......no, I really don't know WTF is going on in there. But that's okay, I think half the fun is trying to figure him out. He's endlessly fascinating that way.

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New article on Gerry having a blast in 'Oh!Cinema':


Gerard Butler and Ralph Fiennes are leaving Serbia today, but this weekend the 'Coriolanus' crew decided to throw a farewell party at 'Oh!Cinema', thus celebrating a successfully finished shooting process. Butler showed up with a tennis player Marat Safin, whom he met during the 'Serbian Open 2010'. He was dancing and singing and having a wonderful time, he even went on stage and sang 'Light My Fire' and 'Sex Bomb' with Andrej Kesic (the club owner).



:music: :music: :pointy:

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