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Gerry in Belgrade (by a "civilian")

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This is not actually my experience but that of a Serbian friend and colleague. I call him a "civilian" because he is a regular young man, not a devoted fan or even a woman who can fall for Gerry's charms more easily.

Anyway, this guy lives in Belgrade and he's very sociable, goes to lots of parties and clubs etc. Today we were talking on the phone and I asked him about how it felt to have an international movie made in Belgrade and have all these amazing actors there. This is what he told me:

They are more or less used to Ralph because he has been going there quite a lot in the last year, in preparation of the film.

Everyone from the film has left the best impressions with the Serbian people because they were everywhere, out in the streets, going to restaurants, parties and clubs and having a great time, being very very friendly and open and down to Earth. Butler was the one who was out the most and everyone was amazed by how approachable he was and how happy he looked. My friend saw him twice at clubs, one of them being Plastik. He was dancing a lot, he was surrounded by a group of friends and was constantly approached by people who wanted to talk to him and have their picture taken with him. He was very polite and accommodating, did not refuse anyone. My friend said that he felt sorry for Gerry (it was "depressing to watch" as he said) because he was never left alone to enjoy himself, he was constantly approached by someone, still he was always smiling and trying to have a good time and looked like a person who was enjoying himself and was happy. As for any ladies, my friend said that there was nothing to report, he was dancing but not with anyone in particular, mostly with his friends and people he got to meet there. Of course a lot of ladies were constantly trying to get close and he was fine with that as with everyone else, "nothing special to report" as my friend said. (Note: mods feel free to rephrase if you think this is intrusive; I am just trying to convey everything that my friend told me).

Bottomline, my friend was very impessed by how easy going and the soul of a party Gerry was.

It's nothing we don't already know but I was very glad to have it confirmed by someone who is not biased. I was even happier to hear that Gerry was enjoying himself so much.


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Awwww Theresa,

Thanks for telling us.....you're right, we did already know that ....But it is great to hear from someone who is not bias...like we are :music:



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Thanks Theresa! It's good to hear even though yes we all know how accommodating he is and always strives to please his fans or just everyone for that matter! He's such a doll!

:wave: Frannie

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Thank you Theresa!!!!! :)

The fact that he had such a wonderful time in Belgrade is especially flattering to me. I'm just glad he got to know the hospitable and above all easy-going nature of Serbian people. We are all happy and honored to have had him here. And the rest of the crew, of course!!!!


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I'm glad Gerry had a great time in Belgrade. Maybe sometime in the future I'll visit your fine city. Gerry needs to make a movie in Oklahoma and I would be happy to volunteer my apartment as a safe and private place to stay. :cunning::blush:

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Thanks, Theresa. He is such a sweetheart. I love that always-happy-enjoy-life attitude that Gerry has and those beautiful always smiling eyes of his

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