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Gerard Butler GALS

LAC review in Spanish magazine


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Found it yesterday and thought I could share. Here's the translation. Quite improvised, so excuse any mistake. ;)

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Law Abiding Citizen is worth what its villain is worth. The movie grows and singularises itself as long as the twisted character played by Gerard Butler grows and singularises. In the beginning, Butler is presented as the law abiding citizen the title talks about: he lives happily with his family and respects law... until a dreadful crime destroys his life. Fundational trauma and consequent step to the dark side.

But what could become a plot for a 1980's Charles Bronson film, slowly turns to a surprising (and fake) superhero movie. Or, in other words: supervillain movie. It turns out that Butler is an ex- government superagent that organises a spectacular revenge to menace the legal system in the US and their bureaucratic idea of Good and Evil. The chess metaphore is not random: the duel between this unexpected villain and his Nemesis (Jamie Fox, as an arrogant attorney), is a complex game of wit and strategy, whose movements are once and again surprising, shoking and bloody.

A tête a tête as pityless and vibrating as the one that, for example, could maintain the Joker and Batman.

PS: Every single magazine in Spain promotes the movie with that exact photograph... They know about the power of The Butler and how to use it! LOL.

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Yes, it came out last week. When I thought I would have to work my brains out to find it xD. Sometimes the distributing companies do weird things... but I finally saw it so I won't complain :D

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