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Gerard Butler GALS

Poems of the Broken Soul


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Hallo, I figure to bring these up. I hope that I can have a topic to my stuff. I'm not individualizing any of my poems since they all have similar moods, themes and tones. I do not write rhymed poetry; they're more of a free verse-ish stuff... enjoy.

First one:

Dying on the Battlefield- dedicated to soldiers of the American forces (note: this was written 5 years ago, when i was patriotic. Sorry American peeps).

I am a soldier, fighting for freedom of my country

For my country, I have served for only a month

No one could banish me from my homeland

When I die, I know I'll go to heaven

Heaven is a sweet, serene place to be

But, it's not what I think about now

I think about my family and friends back home

They are my inspiration to this terrible place

But, I live and die for what is right

Let me stand still and tall for the starred and stripped flag

Everything will go to the place I stand

Here I stand; saying my allegiance to my country

I hear bombs and automatic guns fire

My heart is thumping like a thundering of a storm

My eyes watch my friends die with wounds of blood

Once, I reached the hospital to be healed

Everything grew dim as I started to die by mother's side

They tell me that I'm not going to make it

So, I died in this cool and dark place where I belong

I showed allegiance to my country, powerfully

Surely I noticed that my friends are praising me for serving

No one could stop my heart from giving up

Dying on the battlefield is what I do for me and my country

When I walked the Earth, I knew what to do

Now, my walk of life has ended at age 20

I'm proud of serving my country, family and friends

I was free and I wanted to serve to make me much more free

Surely, everyone will miss me, but they will be thankful for freedom

Signed, Silver....

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