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Gerard Butler GALS

You are truly appreciated!

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I have often wondered why I became a Tart, and why you have such a pull on me. I'll probably never be able to fully answer that question, but I'm going to give it a shot.

I might never meet you. (I hope that's not the case, but it's a possibility!) But whether or not you read this, and whether or not we meet, you have inspired me to take back my passion. When I saw POTO and subsequently most of your other movies (can't blame a girl for not seeing ALL of them when they haven't been released in the U.S....come on!), I was moved. Your gift for acting is amazing. As an aspiring actress and singer, I know a little about this, and I can tell you that there are very few actors with your talent for giving a character humanity and complexity and NOT making it corny. You pour yourself and your soul into your roles, and they seem to leave a mark on you as well. Your "presence" is truly amazing, your "stillness" as Christopher Plummer called it, truly allows your audience to forget that you are acting (and that's something because many of us are watching specifically for you) and get back to the story. You let them experience "willing suspension of disbelief" as it was meant to be felt. Your emotional truth and genuine portrayal is second to none. Trained or not, you are my acting muse. (And your voice is fabulous, I could listen to it all day, don't let the critics get you down!)

Secondly, I would not have become a Tart for your acting alone, even though I have immense respect for you because of that. I read the other Tarts' personal stories, and through them I "met" you. And each interview and article convinces me that you let yourself be known as easily as you laugh. You are truly generous, both with money (and you didn't even mention the Tsunami match) and with your spirit and your time. You are intelligent and eloquent (your huge...vocabulary always leaves me breathless...any man who uses words like "detritus", "cathartic", and "erudite" in regular conversation turns me on!). Your goofy and witty sense of humor, and the fact that you aren't afraid to hide your less-than-debonair side are incredibly endearing. Your down-to-Earth, gentle, loving, kind, empathetic, sensitive side makes you able to talk to anyone (and you are chatty, too!) and get along. It makes you able to make every one of 200+ Tarts feel special at one event, and makes you unafraid of the love and adoration of 8000+ fans. You make no excuses, but live your life with passion, intensity, and love. Had I not known the depth of your personality was only reflected in your acting, I would not have become the supportive Tart that I am.

Thirdly, listen honey, I know you don't like to admit it (at least not in public, although you are pretty damn confident), you are attractive. And women are going to fall for you. God knows I have and I've never met you. Learn to love it. Should you ever want to know me, I'll be there. I would jump at the chance to hang out! (My friends and family would think I was crazy...but hell, they already do!)

I just think you should know that you inspire me. I have done a lot of work and made changes in my life so that one day I can follow my dreams. Like you I have another career for which I attended college, but I found through your passion that I wasn't happy and needed to embrace my own passions once again. That I need to go out there and live my life and not worry so much, not have regrets when things are said and done. This you have taught me, and I'll be forever grateful. I can only hope to thank you properly (in person) one day.

I wish you nothing but the best, because I know deep in my heart that you'd wish all of us the same. Should you ever doubt yourself, know that there are those of us that are inspired by you and become inspired yourself. We have grown to know a part of your spirit that you have shared with us, and that is truly the most precious gift that a person can give or recieve.

And after all that sentimental crapola (I am not usually given to such emotional outbursts...but c'est la vie), I need to go post something saracastic and smart-assed. And I need a caffeine fix....

Thank you from the bottom of my heart (and any other body parts that appreciate you....),



Ok...had to edit this to include the latest happenings....

1. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for your call to Bethy....thought I couldn't appreciate you any more than I already did. WRONG! You have no idea what that call meant to her, and by proxy, to the rest of us. That you took the time out on Christmas day from your family to call our Bethy and talk with her about her Mother and her love of acting has enshrined you forever in our hearts. Not because you're a great actor, not because you're hot, just because you're a thoughtful, wonderful, generous man.

2. The Glasgow Tart Con (yup, I'm on gb.net too) was AMAZING. Everything that you did for us, to show your appreciation, were truly mindblowing. Firstly, and most incredibly, you sent your family. Not only did I get to chat with your lovely, warm Mother, but also your charming Step-Father (he kissed my hand...I have to watch out for those devastating Scottish men!). I think we may have overwhelmed your Brother-In-Law (although he was very brave, poor man), but your Aunts, Mom, and Dad were eating it up. I think we were taking their pictures as much as they were taking ours. I hope you truely enjoyed it, and I hope you got the shirt that I wore around and got signed. I was going to keep it, but you sounded so sorry to have missed us that I thought it might mean more to you. After all, I got the pleasure of meeting the girls and bonding, and we had plenty of souvenirs, so I thought you should have one too!!!! We enjoyed their presence immensely. The fact that you then sent the unbelievably touching, emotional, yet hilarious (and SO you) video message, and then called, and then bought drinks, AND THEN MATCHED our CLIC Sargent donation, all of this was unexpected and absolutely mind-blowing. Honestly, I have never been so proud of you, so proud of my Tart/GALS/etc. sisters, and so proud to call myself a fan. I'm not usually sappy, but I found myself crying after your video. Even my friends and family back home were blown away that you'd do all of this. They had to admit (although they're not planning on joining the club, LOL), that you're a man of incredible spirit, generosity, and character. Thank you a million times. If I thought my admiration of you was a temporary thing, you just ensured that droves of us, whether we were lucky enough to visit beautiful Scotland and your old stomping grounds or not, will never forget the good that you do. More than that, I'll always treasure the knowledge that not only do you move us, but every once in awhile, we can do good for you and hopefully help you in some way. Many thanks to your family as well. Though your Mum called to say she had enjoyed her visit, I can't imagine she and the rest of your family know how much we thank them. If you can tell them for us, we'd be eternally grateful!!!!

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