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Gerard Butler GALS

Concurrent with Vegas - Chinese Auction

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Chinese Auction-

auction runs concurrently with Vegas - bidding closes 9PM PT-Midnight ET

Each of these items will be individually autographed and personalized by Gerry!!


T-shirt from Salinas Balloon Festival - Prop from The Ugly Truth

Item #CA-TL

Posted Image 8x10 official Timeline photo of Marek

Item #CA-RnR

Posted Image 8x10 official Rocknrolla photo of One Two

Item #CA-At

Posted Image One-Sheet poster from Attila

Item #CA-G

Posted Image One-sheet poster from Gamer

To bid

send an email to:



  • subject: CA
  • Item you are bidding on
  • Your best bid (only 1 bid per item)
  • Your screen name/real name

The item goes to the Highest Bidder between Vegas and Virtual Con.

PayPal only. All bids will be collected at closing of the auction, 9PM PT/12Mid ET and whomever gave the highest bid gets the item, but it must be paid for with PayPal within 24 hours. If there is ANY reason you might not be able to do that within the time frame we will know what, if any, special arrangements are required.
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None of the virtuals were the winners.

Marek went for $200

One Two went for a whopping $700,

Attila went for $300,

Gamer went fort $100

and Tshirt went for $100.

:thankyou: to all who participated!

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