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PLEASE READ Another Man's War

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Hey guys, just thought I'd throw this out there...

Check out Sam Childers' book, Another Man's War. This is the basis of MGP. It is fantastic and a quick and easy read, but not so easy on your soul when done!!

I heard Sam preach the day I went to his church when Gerard was there (blush, a little ashamed of that now) and I had the incredible luck of running into him at our Starbucks with film crew from the reality series. We chatted for about ten minutes... very little about Gerard... and he is an AMAZING man... I only wish I had my book with me for him to sign... the Lord knows I have stranger things just laying about in my car...

Plus I am an English teacher so I'm about the reading angle!! HAHA!

Gerard IS beyond fantastic, but you should all definitely check out the story/the man behind this new movie... beyond fantastic as well!!!

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Thanks PA Teacher... I've been thinking about buying it for a while and actually I'm out of reading material right now and after reading your post I think you've convinced me. I am curious about the man and what drives him...

:wave: Frannie

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I bought a copy from Amazon, and currently about halfway through the book. From I read so far, this is going to be an amazing film! It has Oscar written all over it! Gerry will knock this out of the ballpark with his talent and intensity. What Sam has done over in Africa is totally awesome. I hope there is serious hoopla when MGP comes with Gerry and Sam. This could solidify Gerry's career as a "Hollyweird" A+++ lister, and hopefully bring in more donations to Sam's work. I'll be optimistic that nothing but good things can come of this.

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I had a chance to read this over the Christmas holidays & I have no doubt this will be an outstanding project for Gerry. This is such an important story & hopefully the film will help make more people aware of the tragedies that are occurring, because they really are horrific.


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Until discovering Gerry and consequently Sam Childers, I had no idea whatsoever of what horrors were/are occurring in Africa at the hands of the LRA. I read an invitation from Sam to join him on his next trip to the Children's Village in September. I can't go on this trip but I do plan to go on one in the not-so-distant future...about 5 years once I'm through with school. I'm sure it would be a life-changing experience. Sam's book was fantastic and makes me really want to see the film. I think my dad may go to see it to after telling him about the book and Sam's story.

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