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Gerard Butler GALS

Gerry in Glasgow Photo

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Hi Gals

A little pic to prove Gerry was in Glasgow last Wednesday. Here is the photo of Gerry and my friend Danielle. With thanks to Moira for showing me how to do it, and Barb, Moira says to put it in the main gallery too.

Lots of love


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Oh, Gerbear in his natural habitat! And with a local girl! And (almost) shaven! And with a few extra pounds on! Finally we are getting the Gerbear we know and love back!

You are a very noble person, Heather. If a friend of mine had a chance like that with Gerry and I missed it, I wouldn't be so above it! :-) Then again you went to the LAC premiere so maybe that helps. :-)

What did Danielle have to say about Gerbear? No detail is unimportant! :-)


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Thank you SO much for sharing that adorable photo.

And, yes, he's looking more like the Gerry before the crash diet. And, is the scruff coming back? (please, please, please!)

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:thankyou: Heather and your friend Danielle for sharing.

I can't help but wonder...Heather, I hope you got a chance to get a pic and talk with Gerry too? LOL. Share any details you want. :kisswink:

Thanks again,


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Hi Heather

Thanks for posting. Danielle is beaming from ear to ear - no wonder.


What does that say on his hat? I can't read it and that is the 3rd time

I have seen him in that cap. It must be special.


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Congrats to your friend Danielle...I know that look very well!!!!! :kisswink: I believe it's called.."BLISS"

What a great day and perfect memory!!

Thanks for sharing...

Sparty :wave:

Edited by Sparty
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Diane...I wish! Unfortunately I was on a school trip with 70 12 year olds to the theatre...I don't get paid enough for that!!!

Sandy....I enlarged and enlarged and still don't have a clue what it says :( xx

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