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Gerard Butler GALS

In Honor of....

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Ascertaining that to live inside the creative avenues of possibility brings about the most exquisite of thought, born most from a restless and undefined passion. This journey down such roads that present with greater obstacles brings the soul to refine through a searing fire, the potential of an unforeseen destination. How exciting the exploration and discovery of such grand markers along Life's long and ever~curving unexpected roads! The measure of where we have been, and what we have come through and how we have touched the lives of those whom we've encountered along the way; forging ahead within our relentless courage, only to reside atop the peak of our very own well~traveled excursion.... Still pondering the magniloquent soliloquy that remains,an ethereal,unwritten story within dreams~" The Cosmic Beauty of Everything" In Love and War, L

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