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Twitter ~ Who is in your timeline?

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I think sometime last Saturday night as myself, Raz, Paisley, Binkie and KB were solving the worlds problems over a few G&T's. I got to thinking of what Holly said at the Twitter workshop "for me Twitter is about who you follow not what you say in 140 characters"(not an exact quote but darn close)......anywho I really want to know people who are worth following and why. I don't follow a huge amount so I'm egar to increase that but with people I actually want to follow.

I like follow Fridays but I never really know why I'm following this person etc so it would be nice if people posted their fav's with a reason why....I'll go first

@AlanCarr ~ British Comedian who makes some funny tweets

@Alyssa_Milano ~ Actress who tweets a lot and has interesting links, not overly humerous just interesting

@Dave98FM ~ Irish morning DJ on 98fm (www.98fm.com)funny as hell, geeky and has some quality links and pics, he's also a proud hubby and dad!

I've a few more but that's the kinda idea I have with this.......let me know who you think is worthy of a post and follow!


Snap xx

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I need to Twitter more!!!

A few I like to follow are...

@gbgals of course!

@Craigyferg Becuase he's so damn funny!

@HollyGhere Becuase she's so damn funny!

@ScottishActors They give updates on lots of Scottish Actors....duh!

@DeepakChopra He has great daily inpriational thoughts.

@AndersonCooper To get up to date news.

More but these come top mind. Of course all my GALS!


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Notwithstanding our own GALS/PALS, personally, I enjoy following Gerry and/or entertainment-related people/entities, i.e. directors, movie houses, studios, etc. My faves are:


@robluketic (director of TUT - very interactive with followers)

@danabrunetti (producer, owner of Trigger Street Productions, hangs with Rob Luketic, Kevin Space, very interactive and fun to follow as a result of communications with various Hollywood types. VERY interesting in terms of movie production, lots of behind the scenes stuff)

@F_Gary_Gray(director of LAC - his account is somewhat dormant since LAC's release, though)

@wossy (Jonathan Ross UK comedian, talk show host)

@reno215 (ReNo Laquintano, our special guest at this year's convention)

@vromen (Ariel Vromen - director of Jewel of the Sahara. Not active enough, but interesting when he does tweet)

@jongustafsson (director of Wrath of Gods - posts BEAUTIFUL pictures/vids, although not often enough)

@wendyorr (author of Nim's Island; extremely nice and very interactive. Interesting in terms of current projects, too)

@craigyferg (Craig Ferguson)

@garysinise (actor)

@denisleary (comedian/actor)

@dave98FM (Found him by following Celine (GerryNutSnap) - hysterical, FUN to follow even tho he's on UK time)

@angleesoup (Gerry's former assistant)

@paolonutini (Scottish musician)

@lukecherokee (Lucas Foster - Producer on LAC; has been very busy. As a result, not tweeting as much)

@machgunpreacher (Sam Childers, Machine Gun Preacher)

Entertainment reporters/bloggers:

@becmur (Rebecca Murray from about.com - does GREAT Gerry interviews)

@movi_boni (Bonnie Laurfer, celebrity interviewer/writer with tribute.ca - GREAT Gerry VIDEO interviews)

@ineedmyfix (entertainment/gossip blogger- "enjoys" the Juice)

@scottishactors (entertainment blogger focused on Scottish actors)

@30ninjas (Entertainment bloggers, but specifically connected to Coriolanus)


@gofobo (fun movie ticket giveaways, promotions, etc)

@lovefilm (UK entertainment site re: film news, interviews and reviews (Gerry's image is on it's twitter page - just sayin)

@totalfilm (film reviews, movie news)

Studios/Promotions (Studios are fun to follow, especially when promoting a film (even more so when it's a GERRY film :)) They often give away tickets, schtuff, etc.) (Each individual film usually sets up a twitter account. Once the movie promos die down, so do the twitter accounts, ie @bountyhunter @uglytruthmovie @abidingcitizen, etc):




@fandango (give-aways, movie tickets)


@maplepictures (Machine Gun Preacher)

Scottish interests:

@myoutlanderpurg (Two friends (one runs blog/other runs twitter account) which discusses (usually in fun detail) the exploits of Jamie and Claire Fraser, and the Outlander series of books

@myscottishexperience (nice Scottish travel tweets)

@scotlandforme (interesting Scottish travel tweets)

@briankerrphoto (EXTRAORDINARY images of Scotland/UK/England)

@hadrianswall (beautiful photography at Hadrian's Wall

@SOTR09 (Scots on the Rocks - photography, Scottish info)

@OurScotland (Scottish interest, news, photos)

@scotlandgloamin (breathtaking images of Scotland in the gloaming)


@dove_chocolate (Give-aways. Nuff said!)

@ustream (webcast site; used for virtual convention)

@mashable (website covering social media news, trends, etc. (That the owner is Scottish, doesn't hurt, either) :)

@ubertwitter (I use ubertwitter on my blackberry)

@spamfighter (sends useful alerts on latest internet scams/hacks/virusi

@OKaquarium (this is a local attraction, but the tweets are fun because they're written from a bullshark's point of view. Whomever writes for said shark is sarcastic, very witty and can be enjoyed by anyone)

@the_USO (Ways to support U.S. Troops)

@WWIIMuseum (interesting history facts)

@historychannel (interesting history facts; tv schedules; shows)

@bysbooks& @novelsalivetv (book sites)

@bookgasm ("reading material to get excited about")

@truthtweet (verified celebrity tweeters)

@glennbeck (political personality)

@heritage (political "think tank")

@ingrahamangle (political personality)

@talkmaster (political personality)

LOVE the idea of this thread, Snap! WTG!

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With all the GALS/PALS we've got on twitter, certainly more people have cool follows to add... :confused:

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I follow a few more interesting people and groups (ETA: Just to say that I didn't post those I follow that have already been mentioned).

@russellcrowe - Russell actually responds to some fans and is really very funny.

@rustyrockets - if you like Russell Brand, he's not much different in Tweets. LOL

@JillianMichaels - she gives great advice about weight loss and workout advice.

@JohnCleese - pretty much what you would expect from him. Very funny.

@movi_boni - Bonnie, one of our favorite Gerry interviewers. She posts whenever she interviews someone. She's great and responds to followers.

@simonpegg - Hilarious actor.

@NathonFillion - Great guy. Very nice. Sometimes interesting, but he's just a normal guy. :)

@OliviaWilde - actress who plays 13 on House; very active with APJ and other organizations. She's very inspiring sometimes.

@ZacharyQunito - Played Sylar on Heroes and Spock in the newest Star Trek. He's an interesting guy. Very active, sometimes abstract Tweets.

@PeterFacinelli - Carlisle in Twilight. He Tweets a lot about whatever PR he's doing. Has lots of photos from Eclipse PR.

@BarackObama - OK I'm sure Mr. President doesn't actually press the buttons, but if you're a supporter of his "he" Tweets often.

@AdamLambert - he's a kick to follow. He Tweets very often.

@HisHoliness - Yes, the Dalai Lama has joined the ranks of Twitter. LOL Very inspirational.

Some fun stuff:

@SleepTalkinMan - a woman Tweets the weird shite her husband says in his sleep. It's hilarious.

@AmazingPics - they Tweet awesome photographs

@artistsforpeace - This is the Twitter for Artists for Peace and Justice

@WritersRelief - We have a lot of writers here so maybe this would be interesting. They give helpful hints, links, etc.

@OMGFacts - the craziest things you could imagine!

@asexiness - Accidental Sexiness. A great celebrity blog. Rosy is a really great lady, loves Gerry and doesn't have the "junk" on her blog.

@GossipCop - This is a great site that actually checks out the gossip that is spewed about celebrities. They debunk so many rumors, and pretty much hate Perez Hilton. LOL

@TheAnimalRescue - I know we have a thread about clicking on this everyday. Here's their Twitter. :)

@ScottishActors - Cool site about Scottish actors (duh). Gerry is a fave. They also list Craig Ferguson's guest list every week.

@BreakingNews - breaking headlines from around the world.

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I like this thread too! Great follows people!


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Here are some of the people I follow on Twitter:



@GaryLevox - lead singer for the country band Rascall Flatts

@EatThisNotThat - advice on substitutes on foods to eat

@philkcollen - guitar player in Def Leppard....I've met him several times and he is an absolute sweetheart.

@JoeDonRooney - guitar player in Rascall Flatts

@rickallenlive - drummer in Def Leppard - met him several times as well...He is such an inspirational person...He and his lovely wife Lauren run a place called Raven Drum Foundation and use music therapy to help civilians and military people.

@DierksBentley - cute and talented country musician

@ladyantebellum - one of the best country music acts in a long time....love their music

@KeithUrban - talented guitar player and singer

@crissangel - very talented illusionist in Las Vegas. I met him a couple years ago...such a sweet down-to-earth guy who is great with his fans.

@F_Gary_Gray - director of Law Abiding Citizen

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Hey everyone. I need help on twitter.

I choose to follow Robert Luketic and i received a PM from him "let's tweet" but he doesn't follow my tweets so i can't answer the message. How can I do ? leave messages on his public twitter. Thanks for your help

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Someone more tweet-literate will have to answer that.

I love this topic. Grand idea Snap! I'm getting lots of good info on who to follow.

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I'm waiting for my hero ;)

I'm new on twitter as i'm new here and honestly i don't manage twitter well yet :)

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I'm waiting for my hero ;)

I'm new on twitter as i'm new here and honestly i don't manage twitter well yet :)

Unfortunately, there's no way to "DM" (direct message) another if you're not both following each other. If Mr. Luketic sent you a DM, you'll need to post on his public timeline that you've received his DM, but you cannot reply since he's not following you.

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At least, I can say that Mr Luketic is a very well-mannered man. :)

I work for the Belgian television. It's rare to see a star saying thank you for anything.

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One last questtion about twitter... for tonight :)

How to answer correctly to a tweet. How to be sure that the person will receive your message.

Thanks to anyone who can help me. you're my savior ;)


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