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Gerard Butler GALS

Gerry at Palihouse 18 June

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Loving those jeans. :D He looks so incrediably tired though. :( Poor boy should sit down for five minutes and stop racing around everywhere, it's quite worrying. Hopefully he had a fun night though and had a chance to unwind a bit.

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I really love his hair this length, ohhhhhhhh, curls and waves


I totally love those button jeans. He is the one man that

really makes them look GREAT.

Thanks, Moira, for the pics. You find the best things.

Love him absolutely,


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Hey, can someone tell me how to get to the emoticons that used

to be on the left when you make a reply? I don't mean the little

faces, I mean the pics like Gerry saying "Who Me".

I don't see them anymore and don't know how to access them.

I can find everything but them.



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These are my favorite jeans as well. I also like the sweater.....etc. I always like his hair, whatever the length, but I do love it when it curls.

Sandy, the emoticons w/ Gerry are still there. When you click on the smiley to show the emoticons, at the bottom it says Show All. If you click on that, it brings up the one's you are looking for.


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If his hair continues to grow he will start to look like Johnny Donne!! What a treat that would be. He has GREAT hair!! He's looking mighty fine but not too happy with the paparazzi. Can't blame him!

~HUGS~ Kathy

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Those pictures nearly made my pc crash.

He is so good looking in them. I just love his hair in it: waves, a bit longer and that salt and pepper colour

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Does anyone but me get the google alerts on Gerry?

I've been pretty upset with some of the comments

on some of the alerts lately.

1. I love Gerry's hair. It is beginning to reach

the perfect length.

2. I love those jeans. He looks marvelous in all

the pictures of him going to watch the World Cup.


Yes, Darlin'

He is really looking great. I agree, his hair doesn't have to grow much more

before he looks like Johnny, one of my favorite looks on him.

So where do all of these people get off saying he looks old or unhealthy.

I think he looks extreme GRAND. Sexy as all get out and absolutely


He is absolutely ageless. He is one of those people who looks

whatever age he wants to look.

I know that all the men who say rude things about him are JEALOUS,

I guess the women are just mad that they can never have him.

By the way, thanks everyone for telling me how to find my favorite


Love him absolutely,


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I agree! He is one of the few actors who will be hunky at 70! I love seeing pics of him but feel bad for him that the paparazzi are always there. Never

a moment to himself. And, yes, he needs a relaxing vacation....he's looking a bit tired. But he will always be gorgeous!


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I love the hair and the jeans and the top and the body and the face and the eyes and ... what else is there for me to love? Somebody tell me and promise I will love whatever that is, too!

Dang, my case of Glas is getting worse all the time!

Posted Image

*sigh* I guess it's time! (for me to calm down) Posted Image


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