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Gerard Butler GALS

Gerry and his 300 trainer


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I don't remember seeing this video with the trainer as well; I think newbies will enjoy it:


This guy says that Gerry was very dedicated and focused and worked 20 hours a day, sometimes he wouldn't sleep. He also went on a very special diet in order to achieve the best results as soon as possible.

He also said that Gerry had a lot of problems on his shoulders (I think he means worries) and he didn't want to wear an armour like other actors do (to cover his body I guess)so he wanted the perfect body. He is asked about the rumour that Gerry had liposaction or that his abs were computer generated and he says no, that doesn't exist. They would work out for an hour non-stop and it was very intense because Gerry didn't have time to lose and he was working the whole time and wanted to see resuls very quickly wihtout injuring himself. I would love to see Gerry doing that exercise at the end, wouldn't you? :-)


P.S. This is a loose translation, French speaking Gals feel free to correct.

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