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Thank you is not enough!


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To Suzie, Barbara, Cheryl, Elissa, Kathy, Linda, and their ringleader Sue! You guys are CRAZY and I LOVE you all for it!! I will treasure you all always....even if you are CRAZY! :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:.........I wish I could give you all real {{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}} maybe someday!

LOVE Ya's Bunches!


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Just because you are the person you are, how could we resist!! You have been a special member of GALS and you have given all of us so much. Time for us to give back. Enjoy sweetie, our pleasure!!

~HUGS~ Kathy :kiss:

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Then I hope it is okay to add my "thank you" to the mix? Frannie, you are a wonderful friend and I share

in wanting you to know just how much we appreciate and love you. Hope all your hopes and dreams come


With love and appreciation,


Just realized that this was a thank you FROM Frannie for something she received.

Sometimes I am such a ninny--but since I already posted, my sentiments stand true,

and I will just add my love and appreciation for all of you Fran mentioned in her

first post. Sorry to intrude.

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Okay....for those of you that are curious all I can say is just watch the new sigs coming your way!! I got a most wonderful gift from a group of the most absolutely beautiful and kind of crazy Galfriends that I owe my complete and humble appreciation to! Now you should have all guessed by now but then I don't have to tell any of you what an amazing fanmily we have here on Gals!! :D

:kiss: Frannie

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Well I knew what was going on but I guess I should come here more often. Frannie, you know I love you without saying it - so this was a way for all of us to thank you in a special way. You do so much for all of us and are so generous with your talent. I don't just love the siggies you make for me, I adore and grow very attached to them. You can tell they are made with love and caring - and you are always spot on knowing what we like. Thank you also Sue, for being our ringleader. Did you get the usual ear beating when she found out what we did??? Thank all of you for being so generous to "A One Of A Kind" GAL.

Hugs, Barbara

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