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Hello, ladies! I've been watching this site for a while now seeing that you all are really big fans of Gerard. I'm a guy (even though this is a site for gals, hence the name!), but I have some news for you all that you might be interested in. I have to be careful of what I say, because I was told not to say too much. But......

Machine Gun Preacher is being filmed at my house here in Michigan. It's pretty insane. I'm going to just tell my story of what I've been though in these past few months.

It all started with a location scout slowly driving up my driveway at about 10AM one morning about two months ago. I went out to see who it was and he told me about the movie and that they were looking for locations that would be suitable to film at. So I take his card, show him around the property and he shakes my hand and says he might be in contact with me. OK. Whatever. No way cool stuff like that happens to me, right?

The very next day, he calls and says he wants to take some photos of the place. So he comes back out with a photographer and they click off about a million pictures. All of a sudden, every week more and more people are coming over. Set designers, carpenters, producers, even the director, Marc Forster. (he's really really cool by the way. Super nice guy.) So it came down to my house and another house about an hour from me. As you all can imagine, I'm really wanting this gig and am nervous as hell. I get a phone call one day and they say they want to shoot it at my house. Awesome.

So now I just have to wait for them to come and do their thing. They spent two weeks fixing up my house to their likings and cleaning, putting their furniture in etc.... That was all exciting, but what happens next is the totally awesome part.

They start shooting. There are trucks, trailers, cars and a whole barrage of people working at my house. Lights, cameras, monitors, the whole nine yards. As a matter of fact, they are there right now doing a late shoot. My fiancé just texted me saying that there were about 100 people in the street trying to get a glimpse of Gerry. The cops had to tell everyone to leave. Just crazy. All the movie people are really nice to us and let us come and go as we please. I feel like a V.I.P going to the club. Haha!

So here's the part you all are waiting for. I met Gerry (and thats what I call him..."Hey Gerry! Whats up man?!?" LOL) and he's soooooo cool. Just totally down to earth and very nice guy. I've been talking to him for the past two days and he's just pleasant to be around. Its like there is no awkward moments, because he's extremely good at keeping a conversation going. He's also a big jokester. The first day I met him I was standing a little aways from my house and he was by my front door. He started to yell out to the crew (knowing I was listening) "HEY GUYS!! SOMEONE NEEDS TO FIX THESE WINDOWS IN THE BACK THAT WE BUSTED OUT!!" Then looked at me and started laughing. What was really neat about him, is that he asked what I did for a living, how I liked living in Michigan, and all that boring stuff no one really cares about...except he seemed really interested in it. All I have to say is that he's a class act and does not act like a stuck up celebrity at all. My fiancé and sister asked if they could take a picture with him and he was totally cool. When he asked me if I wanted a pic with him, I said "Thats OK. You get enough people asking for pics and autographs." He looked at me and said "No way...get over here!" So I did.

Its a crazy awesome time and I'm really excited about all this. I know you all are die hard fans, so I thought I'd share my story with you gals, because you'd appreciate it more than other people. The only thing is, I cant give out the location of where they are filming, where Gerry is staying or anything like that. And I cant get anyone on set that is outside of my immediate family. Sorry. If I could figure out how to insert a Jpeg image on here, I'd show you a pic of him and I. I must be computer dumb or something.

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Hey! Thanks so much for sharing your story here on the site! Don't worry, we understand that there is stuff you can't tell us. We do appreciate stories like yours that remind us of what a great guy our Gerry is. Congratulations on your house being used for the film. What a neat experience for you to see how they do things. Have a great time with the rest of the shoot. I'm sure it will be awesome for you to see your own house in a movie!


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Polar Bear....That is an awesome story!! Thank you so much for sharing that exciting story with all of us. You must be having so much fun. I can't imagine how I would feel having Gerry filming in my home. Thank you also for confirming what we all know and that is that Gerry is a down to earth guy whom you can't help but respect for his wonderful traits. He does care about people and when he talks to you he listens and looks you right in the eye. He cares about what you are saying. Many fans have said that about Gerry as well. You are so lucky!! Now learn how to post a picture here. On the Forum front page you will see listed "HOW TO" as in how to post a picture on here. You will see step by step instructions. We would love to see a picture of you and of course Gerry. Thanks again for sharing!! Enjoy the rest of your fun experience and tell Gerry that the Gals from GBGALS say, "Hi" and we can't wait to see this picture when it is finished.

~HUGS~ Kathy

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Hey polar bear, thanks for sharing your story with us. We do actually have other male members, which we call Pals, but they tend not to post as frequently as most of the Gals.

I really enjoyed your story & it sounds like it's been a great experience for you & your family. Hearing behind the scenes stories about the whole film making process is fascinating to me.

All the things you've said about Gerry are all the things we love about him, but it's always great to hear another confirmation. Thanks for taking the time to share your story and :welcome1:


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Are you on twitter? Your story seems familiar. If so, what's your twitter name? (Many of us "play" at both places. :pointy: )

Thanks for sharing your story. Thank you tremendously for your DISCRETION! You'll find that many of us prefer NOT to have that information made available as we feel Gerry should be allowed to do his job w/o "fan" interference.

You can find info on how to post a picture here. Or, if you're not that interested in learning how to do this, if you email the pictures to gbfanconvention@gmail.com, I'll post them for you. We'd like to host them in the gallery if you'd grant us permission to do so.

Don't let the name fool you, we've got several "PALS" on the site (my hubby's one of them); ScotsmanStuart's a PAL moderator; we've a whole batch of PALS of the "kilted" kind ... and so on.

So :welcome: Thanks, again, for your story. You're right in assuming you have a captive audience! We hope to read more from you in the future. Hopefully, you'll find yourself a "full-on Gerry fan" and will consider yourself part of the FANmily! :wave:

If you've got any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Holly aka Spot

(I'll ask Admin to give ye a "sex change" :kisswink:)

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Posted Image

OK, Polar Bear, you do know that you are living just about everyone of us GALS dream right now...lol. Congratulations on getting them to use your house....I imagine they pay pretty well for that.

GALS, could you imagine getting PAID to have Gerry come spend a few days at your house???? :whoa::omg2::thud:

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us and you are so right, no one on the planet would appreciate your story like us.



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Hi Polar Bear and :welcome:

Hey GALS is for everyone, Men and Woman! So I'm glad you joined us.

We have many Guys here too, they're called PALS :pointy:

Thank you so much for posting your "Gerry" experience with us. How exciting for you!

If you click on this LINK it will explain how you can post pictures.

We would love to see pics of you and Gerry and the filming that's taken over your home.

We also understand completely about not devulging any information you're not suppose to. We respect Gerry's privacy here.

So whatever you're comfrotable sharing is great.

Have fun on the site, and we look forward to hearing and seeing more from you.



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:lmao: All of us posting at once and he's got 3 different links to the "how-to" section! (I told ye we were friendly! :rotflmao:)

As for Gerry being in my house... the thought of having to clean for a film crew makes my butt pucker!!! No thank you! :spit: Polar Bear, we salute you in this regard!

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Dear Polar Bear...

...as all the Gals here have said, welcome, and thanks for sharing with us.

Your bit about the photo and Gerry insisting you join in speaks to the great, friendly and "regular" kinda guy Gerry is. He truly enjoys people and is one of the most gracious individuals on the planet.

What do your neighbors think about all the commotion? I imagine you're all having a great time...one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Good for you!

Again, welcome. This is an amazing group of women AND men around the world joined together through admiration, respect and celebration of a very talented, dedicated, generous and humble man.



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Adding my thanks too, Polar Bear. :welcome1: to GALS. :thankyou: for sharing what you experienced with the filming of Machine Gun Preacher and meeting Gerry. :wow2:

Can you share more when the filming is all done? We are all ears if you want to share! :yourock:


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Thanks PolarBear!

We appreciate you sharing! We're so glad you have seen in Gerry what we see in him... a real down to earth guy!


Hey Hey PolarBear:

Thank you so much for telling us about your experience with Maching Gun Preacher and Gerry.

It is always wonderful to hear when people meet him for the first time and realize just how totally amazing he is. He is all the things you described and those are many of the reasons we adore him so much.

Besides the fact he is phenomenally talented! LOL

How exciting that they used your house! What an experience to remember! You'll have some great stories to tell everyone!

You are right...no one loves him more than we DO! We love it when people share their stories and thank you again for doing so!

Have a great summer and enjoy your experience

Sparty67 :wave:

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Just joining in with my many thanks for sharing your story with us... Although it's no surprise to us that you found Gerry to be "just a guy" it makes me happy that more of the male gender are finally getting him. Also it's really so cool of you to use the discretion that you have and actually as much as we love to know as much as we can we also try to give him some breathing space and some privacy.. As for them using your house....HOW AWESOME IS THAT? You'll always have something to remember ..and...when your ready to sell...call me! :cunning: Just a little of my nutty humor. So I would like to welcome you as a Pal and nice to have you part of the fanmily! BTW....Hope you make use of at least ONE of those links!!:p

:wave: Frannie

Edited by ladyfran
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Thanks so much, Polar Bear, for sharing your great once in a lifetime experience! I'll bet it all seems so surreal and when it's over and everyone has gone, you'll have a great memory and stories to tell!

Gerry's great, isn't he? I know his thinking was that if you don't get that photo with him, you'd regret missing the opportunity later on, especially when telling people about your experience.

Now, you can look forward to seeing your house up there on the big screen and announcing to the other patrons in the theater, "Hey, that's my house everyone, popcorn's on me!" :D

Again, thanks for thinking of GALS and don't be a stranger! :wave:


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Thanks Polar Bear for sharing your amazing story! Wow, I love to hear about all the happenings behind the scenes. I was wondering if they will put your house back to rights when they are finished? I'm glad you've discovered the Gerry we all know and love!

Posted ImagePosted Image

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WELCOME, Polar Bear. We are so happy to have you as

part of our Fanmily.

I hope you share more of your experiences with us.

Gerry is loved and respected on this site, so your

discrection is actually appreciated. We realize that

Gerry's acting is his career and should be respected

as such. It is hard enough doing one's job without

being screamed at all the time you are doing it.

Gerry's true fans are respectful of his work and

watch quietly from a distance when they are fortunate

enough to actually witness it, but we all know there

are those who will disturb and hinder the process.

We hope you stay on as a PAL after this remarkable

experience with Gerry ends. You will find that the

people here are not like any other fans you have

ever heard about. They are a pretty special bunch,

just like the incredible man we gather to share our

fandom for.


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Thanks Polar Bear. So glad to hear he's coming across to others what we've known all along and why we stick around. It must be quite a unique experience having all this on your doorstep.


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Thank you so much for telling your story. It is always nice to read fan stories about Gerry. They are always positive and warm experiences. That is why I admire him more and more every day. Needless to say I am very jealous :sick: ; being a Michigander myself I hoped to see him while he was here. O well, I still love him anyway. :love: Thank you again. :metoyou:

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Wow, PB! Thank you so much for sharing your awesome story with us! It always makes us smile when we continue to hear how great Gerry is to everyone. He's the real deal, that's for sure. How lucky that they picked your house! We appreciate whatever you can share, no matter how little or how much.

Thanks again for sharing with us. :metoyou:


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Thank you, Polar Bear, for sharing! Posted Image Hope you'll learn how to post the photo! *keeping fingers crossed*

I admire your presence of mind, gals! I've only been able to pick myself up off the floor (where I'd been lying since I read the first post) and gather enough strength to thank PB! How awesome! Getting to know Gerry like that! Now I've got goose bumps!

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Thanks Polar Bear! You are such a dear, that is great you got to see him! Cant wait for the preview of the film, i am too excited right now. But have a lot of fun Polar!!!! :pointy::wave:

Fellow Scotswoman, Phantom

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