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Gerard Butler GALS

8/18 - Glamour Magazine's Top 10 Sexiest Men of 2010


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I love a mans man and the only one that fits that description would be GERRY!!!! :yummy: I agree with all the other comments those other guys are not MEN! Gerry has had to work very hard to get where he is now, those kids have a long way to go to catch up to him. I am proud to see his name on a top ten list! :pointy:

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I want to go on record by syaing that I'm 'verra' sorry, but I do not think Robert Patinson is in anyway sexy or even cute. But I am an Elizabeth Taylor fan from way back and I go along with her thoughts on men. And personally I am totally in love with this gorgeous, handsome and incredibly wonderful man and no matter who they stick in front of him, he will always be number one in my book forever!! Even when he gets past his fourties!!!


Ladies, I think the BEST point that has to be

made is that the voters here had to be 12-25.

AND Gerry is still in THEIR TOP TEN. To me,

this is absolutely wonderful. Gerry has

been recognized by all women now, not

just the one's in his age bracket. I am

over the moon about this.

I wonder what the critics will have to say

about that, my guess would be, nothing.




GO GERRY!!!!!!

Love him absolutely,


I'm with you Sandy!!! Kudos on your thoughts!! I totally agree!!

Jo :kisswink:

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Just popped around after a while -- ten sexiest MEN???!!!!!!! I have to say I'm a bit confused -- teenage boys pronounced to be the sexiest men, and some of them babies, not even teenagers??!!! Laughable :funnyup:

I remember Elizabeth Taylor once saying that she always loved men in their 40's. That's when men were in their prime. Whether she was 20 or 60 she liked the men who were 40. Younger than that, they were just boys.

True!!!!! But, i'm especially proud Gerry made his way on this list -- if nothing, he can raise the criteria for all of the future 'the sexiest men' polls :cunning:


I must say that I agree with Elizabeth Taylor 100%. The only men I have ever been

attracted to were men in their 40's, except Gerry in his 20's,30's, and forevermore.

That has to be with his being Scorpio I guess. Both my Scorpios were in their 40's

when I fell in love with them. I was in my 20's with the first Scorpio.

Liz is a Pisces like me so I guess our opinions would mesh.

I don't care how old Gerry gets, he will always be my #l in every category.

Gerry is Gerry and will always be Gerry, the man, no matter what age.

Love him absolutely,


Oh, by the way, Richard Burton was a Scorpio.

Liz married him twice.

See what I mean about Pisces and Scorpio?


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Does appear that Johnny D and Gerry are the oldest among all those youngsters which tells me the mean age of the voters was probably under thirty definately. I just wish they'd post better photos of Gerry when they do these top ten poll things. Looks like he's doing a "pull my finger" pose.

Some of those guys I have no idea who they are. Lautner is definately my fav younger one but Bieber I feel is going to be a flash in the pan as soon as the cuteness wears off and he tries to continue sporting that terrible haircut at thirty.


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I didn't see an appropriate place to post this but:

looking at the Fast Food covers, do you see a

whole lot of difference in Gerry's appearance

from Fast Food to L'Oreal pictures?

I don't see a lot and that was a LONG

time ago. His body has changed for

the better, but I don't see a lot of

change in the face without a beard.

I must say a beard makes him look

more mature, but not older.

He is aging so beautifully.

Love him absolutely,


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:doh:They can't be serious; putting the likes of a "kid" like Justin B. with a man like Gerard Butler? There should be a poll for kids then another poll for sexy MEN!
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