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I know we all have the one's we want safe but I want honest answers not just who you want!  

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  1. 1. Of the Characters remaining who would make the Best father figure? Explain with a post.

    • Clyde Shelton
    • Mike Chadway
    • One Two
    • King Leonidas
    • Beowulf
    • The Stranger
    • Andre Marek
    • Terry Sheridan
    • Johnnie Donne
    • Attila

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Andre Marek has already proven that he is a great father. According to the inscription on his tomb, he and Lady Claire had 3 children who loved their father dearly. I'll bet he was never too busy to spend time with them, give them archery and history lessons, tell them stories about the future, etc. Not to mention that he would kick the arse of anyone who threatened the family's safety. They were very lucky children to have Marek as a dad. Now, if only I could be Lady Claire! :p

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We know Marek had three wee ones. He was a strong leader and a loving and gentle husband. He had everything that was needed to protect and love his children and raise them with wisdom. Besides, he had killer dimples and gorgeous curls! He MUST have passed that along to the kids!


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I have to go with Andre Marek. He was the only one who was a good father figure who knew what loyalty and integrity was. He would have been a good model for his three children. He didn't have some of the emotional problems that some of the other characters had. Marek was straight and strong, a truly wonderful human being.

~HUGS~ Kathy

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I voted for the Stranger! The way he took Frankie under his wing and the way he looked when he found out what really happened to his hearing and the way he looked at him in the end and I could go on and on!! I think he would make a terrific Father and I want to be the Mommy!! OOPS! I was thinking out loud on that last part!!

:lalala: Frannie

Oh now....WAIT! I'm changing my vote back to Mike Chadway if this is the way we are voting for who goes to Exile Isle!! Although I don't understand this concept! I want to change my vote too but now I can't!! :tantrum: I thought this was just a new poll!

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I had a momentary hesitation, thinking about voting for the Stranger, and I agree with the comments about Marek; however, my vote still goes to Mike Chadway.

I can't help voting for Mike. . . for so many reasons. I believe that Mike is one of most multi-facet characters *thinks to Gerry* I ever seen in a movie, and Mike would not only make a great father, but the best! Why . . .

1. Mike's protective - His entire relationship with his nephew, e.g. turning off his telephone message machine, admonishing his nephew when he shows up at the News Station when he not suppose to be there; not taking a job out-of-town because he's the only role model his nephew has.

2. Mike's honest - e.g., about being a man & wanting what a man wants; yet he's not afraid to tell his nephew that his advice was meant for college age girls, not 14 year old girls; not hiding behind his persona and truly sharing his past with Abby.

3. Mike's brave - risking rejection when he goes to Abby's hotel room, yet handling Colin's presence without making Abby feel uncomfortable, etc.; in the balloon telling Abby he loves her; shows that despite the odds, he's still willing to put himself on the line and risk additional hurt and disappointment in his life.

4. Mike loves wholeheartedly - depicted by his relationship with his sister and nephew; he's not about to walk out on them, no matter what he's offered; they are the center of his life.

5. Mike's funny - in just everyway . . . living life in the moment and enjoying it so throughly; what a gift to pass onto a child.

Although I could go on and on, Enough said. . . LOL I'm so prejudice!!!


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