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Gerard Butler GALS

Fast Food Trailer


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Hah!! What a find!! Thanks!! The movie is crazy...haven't watched it in a long time. Gerard is great in this role, just does his job...albeit with a bit of flare!! If he can do this stuff, he can do anything (as we know), even when the movie itself is a bit cuckoo. Pineapple pizza..who can forget that scene, OR the leopard print undies...??? He said once they made this movie for $70,000.00....(that much?). Just kidding! What ever happened to the chap who played the "lead"...Benny?? He looks familiar but think his star has not risen like Gerard's. Thanks again for this...I'll have to go dig it out of the archives..!!!

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Thanks for posting the trailer, Stuart! I haven't seen the film either! Most reviews on imdb are terrible but some recommend it strongly, so please give us your opinion once you've seen it!

And it sounds like we can benefit from your purchasing it, right? Posted Image Can't wait for the broadcast! Aren't we lucky to have you?


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