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Gerard Butler GALS

Water's Edge


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It wasn't just one, but a series of small events which shaped his life up to that point. That moment at the seaside, with the crisp autumn wind off the ocean speaking to him, whispering promises of other places and experiences older then he

and sometimes hints of what was to come. He had always witnessed the world as such, at the cusp of reality, where the day to day struggle of other people was as unbearable to him as the life of privilege in which he now found himself accustomed.

He often kicked himself for his new sense of complacency, in which he had dedicated himself to a gilded cage and could find not the key with which he had locked it. But here, in this place, in this spot where the sea met the worn stones of the

shoreline, he had found some respite.

Often, he found himself needing to be at the waters edge. He had traveled the world, but there was nothing to compare to a chill morning breeze, a heavy fog on the water and the salty air which dampened his skin, and clothes, giving him a

comfort he could never explain. If the ocean were a woman, he would marry her, and worship her and her alone.

Off in the distance he stared at the mist shrouded isles that dotted the inlet. Like small mountains rising above the clouds and obscuring the nearly invisible horizon. He crossed his arms across his chest as a verse came to him, causing a great

pang of longing to stir within. For a home he thought, may no longer be able to exist.

"O chi, chi mi na morbheanna

O chi, chi mi na corrbheanna

O chi, chi mi na coireachan

Chi mi na sgoran fo cheo......."

No, he thought, no. It was often thus. The air, the ocean, the lap of the tide, which caused such a longing. For simple experiences, for a simple life. But the longings were as vague as they were intangible. He longed for a feeling, for things only the

senses could know. He longed for deep depths to consume him, to surround him, to take him into the womb and safe guard him from all the world. For he knew that he would leave this place, and once again be a part of those things he thought he

might enjoy. His mind would awaken to the truth of his existence, and there again he would have need to struggle against an unbeatable foe. To put on the airs of a warrior. Of a fighter.

If the ocean were a woman, he thought, I would make a home in her heart, and be held forever in depths of her embrace.

In the distance a fog horn sounded, and the tide began to lap harder against the rocky shore. The tide was rising to meet him. But the man who had stood vigilant in the mist was already gone, and only a fragment of his heart remained.

And so it would always be.

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