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Gerard Butler GALS

To Conceive the Authentic Soul...

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There is an immaculate and untouched beauty in regard to the human soul that dwells in the most exquisite form of truth. To ascertain such raw compassion and fueled vehemence toward all that unearths a cause; no matter the obscurity of territory or the mystery of unleashed peril. To venture to greater height and depth in the acquisition of all that is equitable and palmary. When reflecting upon a soul or souls to which retract one into an papability, a arena of great venery and an embraceable and self~defined refuge; an asylum from the inauspicious malignancy, this severity of mortality, the clandestine hell of mankind. Such thoughts bring a greater significance within nobility and character, the Gentile(Sam) and Icelandic(Gerry) carriage of the most ineffable of men. Now,I concede that my libretto is at a mislay for any explication of said; souls. The integers I desire to acknowledge in physicality and in portrayl, to his exemplary and magnificent core and the greater mission, that incandescent courage that seamlessly and prolifically emanates from his ever en~visionary,warrior~esque,discernible auricle.

So, Once again, I apportion this reverie. And bequeath this humble expression to the ingenious sphere discovered within the pulchritude of Sam and Gerry's élan vital, his extraordinary and altruistic marrow!

My Soul in Love and War,


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