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The year Nineteen Hundred and Sixty~Nine and a Soul unlike any other~ We celebrate the vintage and quintessential countenance that of~

Gerard James Butler

Today, I take this opportunity to convey what an amazing journey this has been for you thus far, Gerry. As you know... So many goals that have come to fruition, this ever enduring road, leaving impressed upon it the outcome of dreams, younger then, played out in imagination within a window frame. Compelling, Sexy, Intriguing, Commanding and most of all~ living authentically from that organic, grounded, discerning Scottish Soul. You are a man to be celebrated within intrigue and creativity from Breakfast to Bedtime. On this note~

Happy Birthday Handsome!

I have a deep admiration and profound respect for your drive, a drive which has fueled your incandescent, ageless, and compassionate journey and the intrinsic Icelandic qualities of your Scotch/Irish soul, Gerry. A soul which in countenance and presence; remains without boundaries, continually emanating, living spherically, playing in many directions, never loosing sight of your childish enthusiasm(Fellini), thus drawing all that is magnificent into you.

Carpe Diem, Eternally!

Remembering "4"

My Warmest Celebratory Wishes and Kisses,

In Love and War,


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Dear Gerry.

Happy birthday.

I wish you all the best.....be healthy and happy.

And who ever you are, or what ever you are, ...You will be always in my heart as my friend.

Thank you for being you.

All the best.


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I've said this before, and it always holds true...God had his best day ever on November 13, 1969, when he let you come into this world. The world is a much better and brighter place with you in it, and you just continue to grow and become better and better in every way with each passing year.

So, I wish for you the most wonderful 41st birthday, and just know that you aren't getting older, you're getting BETTER....with all kinds of new adventures yet to come....


Tense Smith

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How many ways can I say the same thing to you? I love you so much, and you deserve nothing but the best in every aspect of your life because of the good man that you are. Thank you for all you have given to us fans, and to the world of film.

This expresses my feelings better than my own silly words could:

I hope you'll have a listen; I promise it's NOT mushy. :kisswink:

Happy Birthday, Gerry. I hope you have the absolute BEST day ever, and that all of your wishes always come true. And enjoy some birthday cupcakes! :wuv:

All my love,


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Happy Birthday, Handsome! Here's wishing you love, happiness and success in all you do. May every single one of your birthday wishes come true!

Much love,


PS: Dear Margaret, WELL DONE! :thewoman:

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Dear Gerry,

You live a world away from me, which might as well be a universe. You travel in circles that I know nothing of and our lives are more different it seems, than night and day. Yet for the past 5 years, not a single day goes by when you are not in my thoughts and prayers. My birthday wish for you this year is the same as always; love, health, and peace in your soul.

My blog this week is about you! http://www.chansondelange.com/

Much love on this, your 41st birthday,


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Happy Birthday Gerry!

I hope you will have a wondeful birthday! I wish you all happiness and success and good health!

You are my favorite actor and I like you so much. And I just wanna say thanks for you being such a amazing actor/person!

So enjoy your birthday handsome! Posted Image

Much love


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Oh Gerry...

How can I make this birthday message special for you? I could try to express what you mean to me... I suppose I could talk about how through your example I pulled myself out of a dark place and turned my life around to finally follow my dreams. I could tell you how just your smile can keep me going on the hardest days. I could try to explain how you fill an emptiness inside me that I thought would be empty forever.

But, I know that'd just embarrass you...

Instead, I'll send you a simple Birthday wish. I hope that this day finds you healthy, fulfilled, and above all, happy. Go out with your friends, fill up on mirth and merriment, and have way too much birthday cake. Because, let's face it... you've earned it.

All my love forever,



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Thank you for all you’ve shared w/ us through the years. You’ve given more of yourself than we have a right to expect & have been very gracious with it. I hope you know how much it is appreciated.

May the coming year be better than you can imagine and include time to enjoy your friends & family.

Just live your life & know wherever you are that there are people all around that love you & want only the best for you.

One of my favorite quotes is from Dr. Seuss & always reminds me of you:

Be who you are & say what you feel, because those that mind don’t matter & those that matter don’t mind.

Just be you Gerry, because there’s nothing better.

Be Happy,

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Here is something I wrote for Gerry in 2006...and, it pretty much *pairrrrfectly* expresses what I still feel, even after almost 6 years...xoxooxCheri

My dearest Gerry....

On your birthday, I will think of you often, and say a grateful prayer for the Ginormous Joy and the many incredible gifts of friendship which have blessed my life in the last "almost 2 years" since I first stumbled upon the wonderful world of Gerry Butler.

I want to thank you for so many things, but mostly, for staying REAL and for being *you* and for sharing your heart with all of us through the stories which you have told (most especially the Phantom, the Stranger, and Johnnie Donne) and the insight you have given us into the "stories behind the story" through your thoughts and impressions and hopes and wishes for the characters you portray....and for the heart and soul and Life you bring to each of these unforgettable characers.

I want to thank you for the gift of your time and your compassion toward those among us who are hurting....thank you Gerry, for caring enough to show such loving kindness in so many instances~~~It is so rare in this world to find that there are those who still care enough to try to give something back...and you have done so, a thousand times over.

So, .... here are my birthday wishes for you, in the coming year and *always*...

G is for giggles and goofiness and all that is *good*....and for the ability to remain the genuinely gracious gentleman you have been and may you be given a Gift of Grace, in your times of need...and may you always know how Grateful I am ~how Grateful we all are!~ that you are*here*, sharing this planet with all of us.

E is for Everything, every dream you dream, every hope you cherish, every moment of every day, may you be Blessed and may you know how much you are Loved.

R is for Rest...may you have the space and the time and the Rest you need to recharge, refill and re-energize so that you can continue to be all that you aspire to be.

R is for Remembering.....may you find the time to *take it all in* and to reflect upon this wild roller coaster ride and to hold each remarkable experience close to your heart and keep it as a *souvenir* to Remind you of the road you have traveled and what it all means to you.

Y is for YOU....may you never lose sight of who you *are*, may you **know** what your beautiful heart and joyous spirit and passionate gifts of creativity and Light have given to this world.

May you be happy just being *Gerry*, just Gerry, a human being, not perfect, not someone untouchable ....but someone who has been where we have been, who has known sorrow and loss and pain and who cherishes Life all the more because of it.

I wish you so much, and most of all, I wish you Love.

Happiest Birthday Greetings and Abundant Blessings to you, always..

xoxoxoxoCheri (and Tamara too :)

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Well they say the 40s are the new 30s but age is just a number. They say you're only as old as the women you feel!!! :lmao:

Him up there blessed us all when on 13 Nov 69 he introduced his greatest ever creation. He set a bar that day that he's never been able to surpass.

You've enriched my life in ways you'll never know and selflessly keep on giving to us when you've given so much already.

Have a great 41st Bday dont do things we wouldn't do ourselves which pretty much gives you a pass for fun and debauchery this weekend :rotflmao:

Love and other stuff


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Wishing you a birthday filled with love, laughter and fun! Thank you for all you do and for just being you. You have brought so many people into my life and that has made it all the better. I am proud to have so many friends who do so many good deeds in your name. All the best to you in the coming year.


Sarah :D

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