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May your birthday be the most enjoying day among people you like!!!

Many happy returns of the day!!!

And all the best to all the other days - both in your professional and personal life!!!




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Dearest Gerry,

I sat down here to write you a birthday wish and my oldest dog Bo, who's at least 15 which is about 105 in dog years, kept nudging my arm, keeping me from typing. So I stopped to pet his old head and decided to ask him for some "old dog" pearls of wisdom on this day that I could pass on to you. So he said to always pet a dog when they ask for it and I think he also said to never take the things you love in your life for granted.

So it made me think of a song and I thought I'd pass along to you, on your Birthday, the message I'm sure he was conveying to me. ;)

(just click on the link) :music:

Happy Birthday, Gerry, with thanks and love always!

From Delene

(and Bo)

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Posted Image Posted Image

Dear Gerry,

This is my first message, I just registered, I wish you lots of joy and happiness!!!!!! On November 23th is my birthday, would you be my gift? :yay: I'll wait in Italy!!! :wuv: I made a video for your birthday, I hope you like it!!!!! My best wishes...you are simply THE BEST! Happy Birthday and have a wonderfu


Scotland (Lory)

P.S. - Sorry for my english

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Happy Happy Birthday, Gerry! May the coming year bring you nothing but the very best in all things! And thanks for being so appreciative of your fans. You are truly one of a kind! XOXO :kisswink::wave:



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Hey Gerry,

Happy Birthday for the 13th November. I hope you had a fantastic birthday with family and friends.


Best wishes from Australia.

Sally :wave:

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Happy Birthday, Gerry!

What a legacy you've created already at 41!

In an interview I watched a while back you used the word "enthralling" to describe a scene you'd filmed. How many people can describe their work as enthralling? Hearing that overwhelmed me. You're not only smart, talented, eloquent and generous, but doing what you love brings pleasure and happiness, literally, to the world. Well done, you!

Who knows what causes life to unfold the way it does. But somehow the stars aligned and 41 years ago the possibility that so many would one day benefit from your love and artistry was born. Lucky us.

"How far your candle throws its beam."

Enjoy and treasure each day...

Love, Leslie

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In case I didn't post a message already....Gerry, you are one of the most amazing guys ever because of your generosity, wit, charm, humor, being down-to-earth, your love for your family. You seem to light up a room with your smile. I'm so grateful you became an actor cuz I can't imagine all your movies with anyone playing the character as well as you. I wish you all the happiness, success, health and love in the world. Hopefully I will someday have the honor of meeting you. :wave::kiss::woo::hug1:

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