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Gerard Butler GALS

11/17 - Gerard Butler: Business in Beverly Hills


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Gerard Butler: Business in Beverly Hills

"Gerard Butler shows off his chest hair in a low-cut shirt while attending a business meeting on Wednesday (November 17) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 41-year-old Scottish actor completed his casual look with a beanie cap, jeans, and leather bag.

Earlier this week, Gerard landed at Los Angeles International Airport after spending some time in New York City.

Source JJ

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Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

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He's kinda got a look of panic on his face. What could cause that? Let's see. Searching frantically in man bag for something? No phone visible in hand? And that cap! That has got to be the most unique one I've seen him wear!

Love the photos we're getting! Makes up for the long dry spell!



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I hate that hat! Ugh! However, I devised the pairfect plan to get rid of it for good. Walk up to him, plant a huge kiss on that mouth, and grab the hat and toss in the trees as high up as possible. As far as the shirt, wowza! I am now officially a fan of chest hair. And the pics of him driving his SUV? YUMMY! That smile gets me every time. Gerry is my sexiest man alive, no matter what PEOPLE magazine says.

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There are pictures around w/o the hat & his hair looks great to me.

You know he has the best hair. Whatever length it is....seriously.....the best hair. :)


My personal fave of this batch:

Posted Image (He plumps to hi-ressie when ye click him!)

The crows' feet around the eyes are KILLING ME... :sigh:

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Is it just me or does Mr Drop Dead Handsome look like the cat that swallowed a canary? What an intriguing smile.

The hair is just… wow


I'm getting Elmer Fudd vibes with that hat...."Shhhh...Be vewy vewy qwiet. I'm hunting wabbits....hehehe." :funnyface::funnyup:

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The crows' feet around the eyes are KILLING ME... :sigh:

Oh I'm so with you on that! I love Gerry's crinkly eyes. :swoon:

My fave of the batch is this one: http://www.gbgalsgal...g_05hq.jpg.html Simply because his smile knocks me out! :wuv:

I had to include this one ... stupid car door getting in the way, though. But DAYUM: http://www.gbgalsgal...g_02hq.jpg.html Beautiful crinkly eyes, amazing smile, soft wavy gorgeous hair and, well, the SHIRT.


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... and, well, the SHIRT.

If he NEVER changed that unbuttoned, man cleavage-huggin, buttery hollow-exposin', neckline-accentuatin', treasure trail-teasin', soft, cottony, hot mess of a shirt...


The publicists are doing an EXCELLENT job with him while he's being "public," but for :fook: ssake it's good to see "comfy Gerry" out and aboot! For lack of a better phrase, it's like "old times" -- satisfying, satiating and ELECTRIC all at ONCE!!

Posted Image

Edited to add: GREAT TO SEE YE POSTING, CROCK! For reasons unfathomable to us, People disses The Man every year. Personally, I'm to the point of full-on revolt. I won't buy the magazine and sure as shite won't click the website (since they're able to set their advertising fees by the number hits the site gets!) Even when they post Gerry stuff, I refuse to give them the traffic. I will NOT reward that kind of behavior. LOL Anyhoo, you're not alone in your frustration!

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I'm with you Spot...I love that picture of Gerry. And now that you mention it Christine, that hat does remind me of Elmer~ :lmao:

It's funny how much I love Gerry's crow feet but hate my own!!!

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Oh leave the man and his hats alone.lol If you are blessed/cursed with wavey hair,if you don't want to mess with your hair or if it's humid,a hat is your bestest friend.My hair was all kinky curly yesterday during this rain,I didn't leave the house lol

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Seriously, one of us GALS needs to get hired on at PEOPLE and DEMAND and argue til we're blue in the face that Gerry Butler is the sexiest man alive. I vote for Holly, she's got the best "vocabulary" to convince those idiots of ALL of gerry's attributes. After her routine in Vegas, she'd have them convinced of who really is the sexiest man alive. Just make them watch the roman bath scene in Attila or the kiss scene in "Tomb/Wombraider 2". If that doesn't convince them, they are hopeless. There needs to be a "Sexiest Tongue Belonging To A Celebrity" category. Gerry would so win that.

Sexiest Accent

Sexiest Eyes

Sexiest Smile

Naughtiest Smile

Best Hair

Best Hands

Best Personality

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