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Just Got Engaged!


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It was a spur of the moment thing, just tonight. We went out to dinner and came back to my house. My sister and mom were there and I was sitting on the couch and he said, "Honey stand up for a minute." So I stood up. He preceded to get on one knee, take my hand and ask me to marry him. He bought the ring already, but didn't have it with him since he wasn't actually gonna propose until our Anniversary, next week, but he felt the timing was right and he wanted to do it now.

I'm so excited and have already starting planning things in my mind. I posted on my facebook and texted everyone I know, lol.

If you have been married or are going to be married and have any advice I'd be more than grateful to hear it :D.


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WEDDING advice:

1. Tell your photographer who you absolutely want to have pictures of BEFORE the big day. You'll have so many people pulling at you during the wedding, you're likely to forget and/or not realize you've missed a photo op with that special friend or relative. OR, as in my case, I failed to tell the photographer that I was not real fond of my dad. Unfortunately, I have a ton of unwanted father/daughter pictures in my bridal album (which still bothers me 18 yrs later LOL)

2. If you do the "aisle" thing, MAKE YOURSELF SLOW DOWN!! You're only walking down this aisle ONCE! Take a deep breath! ENJOY those gawping at you as they share in your special day, make eye contact and FOCUS ON THE MOMENT! Even if you have a successful marriage and you renew vows, it will NEVER be the same as that single trip down the aisle!

MARRIAGE advice:

To keep your marriage brimming within the loving cup, whenever you're wrong, ADMIT IT! Whenever you're right, shut up! :funnyface:


I hope your man makes ye laugh as much as mine does!


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Some other Grrreaat advice is.....

Let the new hubby know how GALS and Gerry can effect ones marriage in a very positive way.

Many of us here are happily married. Gerry just gets us in that extra special "lovin" mood if you know what I mean.

It's a win win situation! :pointy: We get all the eye candy and our hubbies reap the benefits :cunning:


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That's right, Cheryl! Hubby-to-be has boobies on "Skinemax," we have (usually) fully-clothed Gerry flippin' our triggers. Show him right off the bat that "embracing your GALS" can work to HIS advantage! :cunning:

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Thanks everyone! Thanks for the advice. He already knows I have a "thing" with Gerry, hehe. He accepts it :D. Delene, he already bought a house so we're set there :D. My dad has agreed to pay for the wedding so we don't have to spend anything, very exciting! We are planning to take the money we have saved for the wedding and the money we will get for the wedding and taking two weeks out to tour the UK. I have a lot of planning to do since we are planning a May 2011 wedding. I don't want anything real big.

What should I do for invitations? I just want immediate family at the ceremony so should I just send out reception invitations to everyone else?

Here is a picture of the ring


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Congrats on your engagement. It's going to be exciting and stressful trying to plan a wedding while doing all the other things required in life. Hope not to see you on an episode of "Bridezillas", haha.

Thank you! LOL, no "Bridezilla" for me. It is very exciting, but so far not so stressful. I'm just going with it...looking at sites and learning a lot :D.

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