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Is Gerry getting too "Hollywood-ized"?


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I remember early on when I first signed on to this adventure and hooked my wagon to the star of Gerard Butler, I fell in love with that raw, self-made man and actor, the one not afraid of being himself and to hell with what everybody else thought or did. There was an excitement and spirit about him like no other, a fire in his belly and a light that shone bright and I had hope upon hope that those qualities and traits would never change, that Hollywood would not take him over and make him in to some cookie cutter ideal of what "they" think he should be. Then the outcome would be a lesser version of who he is, not an improved one. He would become a person who caved under the pressures and rigors of trying to please too many people and loose sight of the person he was that attracted his fans in the first place.

Lately, I've been looking at Gerry and worrying a bit. I try very hard not too, believe me! I see Gerry and he seems different somehow. His look is changing and I cant' put my finger on it or articulate it. I could say he looks too thin and that's a given and I believe that's a product of his environment as well and I hear his accent changing, but in his defense, it's difficult not to pick up other accents that he hears every day. That would be for anyone so I don't understand why some people are so hard on him about that. He's not doing it on purpose, it just happens naturally and if you were to ask a speech therapist or expert on dialect, they'd probably explain it in a more scientific way. Being home for a few days should "freshen" it back up a bit!

But my concern is that he may be caving some to the pressures, especially as he gets older. I think Gerry's always been sensitive to things like that even though he may seem like he could care less what people think sometimes, I think it does get to him on a deeper level and with his popularity growing and the female attention he gets, it could get more intense. I hope he realizes that! The hate and dissection he may get some times, which most all actors endure anyway, comes from a place of insecurities and petty jealousy and not opinions from anyone who matters, even people who are paid for their opinions! Remarks that are written in the media or on the internet are directed at stirring up fans more so then anything else, from people who have nothing better to contribute in their pathetic lives.

I'm not saying he looks bad or good or better, just different, not himself, to me anyway. I'll love him no matter what, until he would give me reason not too, but I just don't want him to go the way I've seen many celebrities go when the pressure gets to be too much for them where they give in to surgery and dangerous procedures to change their appearance, become bulimic or anorexic, fall to drugs as sometimes that helps keep weight down and is the most dangerous of all or they just drop out of the limelight all together. I would rather see him do the latter then fall victim to anything else.

Perhaps he needs to focus more on honing his skills or talk to veteran actors like DeNiro or Pacino or even Travolta. John had a lot of issues with his weight on and off but I think he grew to accept himself for who he is and it never affected his career negatively that I can see and he looks great now, in my opinion. I guess my point is you can be a great actor and work your craft in Hollywood and be yourself. I hope he realizes that.

I think Gerry might be afraid sometimes that he might loose his looks and that would affect his career and popularity and he may have lost some confidence in his abilities as an actor and feels that he has to at least maintain his outer looks and sex appeal to hold on. If that's the case, Gerry doesn't understand where true "sex appeal" comes from or talent for that matter. You can be the perfect outer image of gorgeousness and have zero appeal or talent whether you are a man or a woman. Hollywood is full of people like that and they're nothing more then a mere flash in the pan, in my opinion. But if you have no confidence or focus in what is going on on the inside, what you have going on on the outside will only go so far. Like the saying, "beauty is only skin deep" and it fades with time in all of us and if you haven't cultivated anything on the inside and you rely soley on what's on the outside to sustain you, you're gonna be in trouble sooner or later.

I fear Gerry puts too much stock in superficial looks even though sometimes he dresses or appears as if he could care less about things like vanity but that's just his rebelous nature maybe. Maybe I fear he will try to change himself or stunt the changes age makes to hang on to that appeal he believes is necessary and in the meantime, it changes who he is on the inside and that "light" which is the true essence of who he is as an actor, and that light that exudes that appeal and magnetism, eventually goes out. But no matter what I think personally, I hope he's happy with where he is. As much as he might beg to differ, sometimes a person's outward look, expression or appearance will reflect what's going on on the inside.

What do you think? Be respectful here. I'm not starting this thread to get an argument started but just anyone's personal observations. I especially would like to hear from those fans that have been around over the years a lot longer. I've noticed changes in the realitively short time I've followed him and would like to know if maybe Gerry goes through phases or if this might be something more profound.

Maybe I'm just a natural worry wort but when I care about someone, I can't help being concerned sometimes if I see changes in them out of the ordinary that may not necessarily be for all the right reasons.


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Interesting thoughts Delene...

Gerry does look a bit thin right now but he may be doing that for an upcoming role .... that's how I choose to look at it. I mean you named DeNiro (who along with Pacino) is one of the greatest actors in my opinion and boy, talk about someone who over the years had gained and lost weight for roles (I used to worry what kind of damage he was doing to himself) ... but he's still around and still fabulous, although he is no longer gaining and dropping extreme amounts of weights for roles.

I personally think Gerry got into the business late enough in life that he is pretty grounded in who he is and in what he wants to achieve. Over the years Gerry has gained and lost weight, like many of us. I think he does have a tendency to gain weight and he probably does have to work on keeping fit but don't a lot of us....he's just more successful at it than me!!! D*mn it). Gerry talked about his weight back in 2006 at the convention when he acknowledged one of the groups ... Butler Babes (I think that was the name of the group) that had formed to lose weight. He said something to the effect than that he needed to join (and personally I was a bit taken aback by how thin he looked than).

So I guess as long as I don't read about him entering rehab I'm ok.



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What troubles me is something you mentioned. That is when someone feels they have to loose weight when they're not overweight to begin with. I've never seen Gerry what I would call overweight, ever. He seems to have that perpetual "lankiness" about him, tall and long legged. My concern falls more in line with what HE sees when he looks in the mirror and Hollywood can have such a negative affect on that.

Hope any changes he makes in his appearance are related to roles even though I'd rather see him bulk up then slim down.


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My personal philosphy is to try not to invest much time in being a worry wort. I know Gerry's weight fluctuates and unless I think he appears unhealthy I don't worry about it. My preference (which is totally irrelevant to him, I'm sure) is when he has extra weight on him, and I don't mean muscle mass but a little bit of "squidge" - but I don't imagine he considers that his preferred physique. Unfortunately everywhere in the entertainment industry the ideal that exists in the minds of those who choose that path is usually much, much thinner than most of us non-industry folks would like to see. I've heard the same sorts of comments from women who are thin (recall seeing an interview with Courtney Cox years ago where she referred to her previous size-6 self as "chubby") and from my other favorite obsession, Adam Lambert who has said he sometimes still sees his overweight 16-year-old-self in the mirror though he is now about 45 pounds lighter. I hate to see "rock star thin" be an ideal either yet it is (even though it is frequently achieved due to drug use). But worrying about it won't change how Gerry, or Adam, or anyone else sees themselves so I just send positive thoughts out into the universe on their behalf and figure the rest is up to them, and the universe!
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It's not so much about the weight fluctuations or the color of their hair or even what they are wearing versus what causes changes in people's appearance from time to time in the first place.

I remember Karen Carpenter, one of my favorite singers, and the pressure she had on her when the Carpenters became big. No one put that kind of pressure on her brother but because she was a woman, some were brutal in their criticisms of her personal appearance and she was a singer, for Pete's sakes and not someone who had to complete with the image behind the camera. The things she put her body through eventually contributed to her demise and she was never overweight to begin with. She was influenced by a remark someone made about her looking like a pear and most likely some wannabe celebrity, twit critic.

I know all about how the camera can add pounds. I think with hi def and the graphic abilities they have now adays, that concern should be less now. And it has always been harder on women in the industry but the tide it turning now for men and I'm appreciative that men like Gerry care about their appearance and all (ads for men's moisturizers and such) but my point is it can be taken too far.

If Gerry prefers being on the skinny side versus a bit more pudgy and he doesn't like working out all that much, perhaps he should entertain becoming a vegetarian. That's how many celebrities have kept themselves trim in a healthy way and it's also added years to their lives. I know Gerry's scottish and loves his steaks and meat pies but ask celebrities like Paul McCartney, Cloris Leachman and Betty White and I'm sure countless others about it and these are people who are defying age and maintaining good health in a more positive way.

By his own accounts, Gerry abused himself physically when he was younger. But you can abuse your body in other ways, especially if you think it's to get more acceptance and approval.


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My take on all this is that Gerry is in a business that IS very superficial and he has to play the game in order to stay in the business. Do I like it? No, I don't.

It's just like my job (just go with me). Education is a political game and if you don't play it and don't kiss the right behind, regardless of how awesome of a teacher you are, you get let go from your job - twice. I don't play the game, and so I have suffered the consequences for it. I do love my job but it's only part-time, etc. Gerry is in the same position, only more public and even worse. He has chosen a profession where looks means more than talent. It's sad, but true.

Gerry is in a business with fierce competition. If he doesn't fit the role, someone else will. I hate that it's like that for him, I really do. I wish he could just be seen as the extraordinary talent that he is and not have to play the weight game. I hate how thin he is, but I'm not worried about it. I only got worried when he said he went on that stupid 500 calorie a day diet. That's so very unhealthy for a man his size.

Other than all that, I tend to try to think that Gerry knows what he's doing. Yeah he has to succumb to the pressures of Hollywood, and that's sad and upsetting sometimes for those of us that love him the way he is naturally. I also prefer him meatier, with the squishy middle. But I also prefer seeing him in front of the camera so I accept his chosen profession and the hoops he has to jump through.

When I made the commitment to be his fan and support him and his career it was for better or worse. I have no idea what he thinks or how he feels about all this, but I can only imagine that it's rough in the movie business to just be yourself. I would never last. And I don't think he's given in all that much. He hasn't made himself "pretty". He's still that rugged, rough and tumble manly man we all fell in love with years ago. Gerry will always be Gerry no matter what. :)


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I often wonder how it all got so out of control? Did they take a worldwide survey and all the movie going public says they prefer skinny, superficial, plastic looking and sometimes untalented people to watch on the big screen? Doesn't make sense to me! When I say "Hollywood-ized" I mean where they get on the inside of things and loose perspective on reality.

Personally, I'd much rather go to the movies and see normal looking people. Sure, I appreciate a good looking man, but they don't all have to be abormally the picture of perfection, depicting normal, ordinary lives of every day people. Besides it giving us all a complex, both men and women, it causes the powers that be to feel like that's what people want to look at all the time.

I realize it's all the fantasy thing and all that but the pressure it causes on those in the business is not good. Gerry came in to acting, it seems, more natural and he never seemed to have an image problem. Of course he was under forty and sometimes that the magic age for people to feel like they suddenly begin to go down hill and decrepitate. I just hope he doesn't get carried away and cross over in to a realm that he spirals out of control with it, like some do. Then all that effort he made to fight against something, actually has the reverse affect and makes it worse.

Lisa mentioned Meg Ryan and not liking her. Perhaps you don't like her acting. That's OK. But she was stereotyped the "girl next door" perky, cuteness personified and look what the fear of aging doing to that did to her. She would have been better off not doing anything at all.


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No, I don't like HER. All stems from the Russell Crowe affair. LOL But her girl-next-door perky cutsie pie characters make me wanna puke. At least Sandra Bullock has some scrappiness to her! LOL

But look at what people do to their faces and bodies becuase of the pressures. I can't imagine Gerry will EVER do that.

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It's funny how the ideal body type changes through the years. Marilyn Monroe wore a size 14 and women all over the world envied her. Elizabeth Taylor was never a size two, but women envied her looks and shape too. At least in the "old days" (the 40s and 50s) the ideal Hollywood star was a normal weight and build for both men and women. Unfortunately, that ship has sailed and a size 0 woman and washboard abs on a man are the standard by which all seem to be judged. It's unrealistic, but there it is.

Gerry will always follow his own path and I support whatever look he prefers. He always takes my breath away, no matter what! *sigh*


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When you describe Hollywood, I think that maybe that's why I like silent movies and early talkies.Perhaps it wasn't like that in the 1920-ties and 1930-ties...Or at least it wasn't that bad.

Anyway, I wish Gerry all the best.

Silent movies go back as far as the late 1800's! And people had to really act out their parts because dialogue wasn't provided. Then along comes audio and dialogue to convey the mood and story.

Nowadays, we've got computer generated, artificial or animated visuals, sound enhanced, spliced, diced and colorized to cinimatic perfection. Who the heck needs acting, right? Just have pretty bodies and faces on the screen and you've got today's motion picture!

Movies are taped in segments, usually about three minutes long. Three pages of script are usually all that is covered in the course a day of filming. The rest of the time it's all about the technical aspects of making the film. Ask Gerry. As a producer, I'm sure he'd tell you that acting is sometimes the easiest part of making a movie but being a producer puts less pressure on him to look a certain way.


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Is it being suggested that Gerry may have had "something done" to his face and body? I do think he looks fresher and younger in some of the more recent photos, but I don't see an overall structural change in his face to indicate surgery or other cosmetic procedures. To me he looks the same, just thinner with longer hair.

Honestly, I despise what is happening to faces in H-wood. Many of the actresses are beginning to look like members of some weird family; with similarly exaggerated cheek bones, Barbie doll foreheads, fake chins and ridiculous lips. I cannot stand this trend! These men and women are trading their uniquely natural facial characteristics for plastic, and it is soooooooo ugly! Isn't plastic surgery supposed to make you look better? Have you see the recent pics of Marie Osmond?

At least so far, I see no evidence that Gerry is following this trend. (Not to say he hasn't used botox temporarily for a role.)


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I don't think that was being implied; at least I don't think it was. I don't think Gerry has done anything other than use that silly ab machine thing after Barbados last year. LOL I think make up does wonders, as does touch ups in the editing room. But we've seen enough close up pics of Gerry to see that he hasn't done anything to his face. That's still his beautiful face I see. :) Just looks like the 41 year old MAN he's supposed to look like.
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I don't believe he's done anything cosmetically to his face and I hope he stays away from Botox! No one knows the long term affects of that yet! It scares the heck out of me to think anyone would inject a paralytic toxin in to their flesh! YIKES!

But even though I may not sound sympathetic to Hollywood's desire for only beauty, I can totally sympathize with those who feel the pressure from it. I'm just wishing that more stars would take a stand to it, start a trend perhaps, and revolt. I hate to see Gerry cave to it and end up making himself sick.

that silly ab machine

Oh no! What "machine" would that be? Tell me it's not one that Suzanne Sommers sells on infomercials! Speaking of infomercials, if Gerry or anyone wants to stay healthy and trimmer, order the Jack LaLanne juicer! Look at that man at his age?


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Yeah....he's still got those adorable crinkles ( NOT WRINKLES) around his eyes ....okay laugh lines if that's what you fancy.... and he still has that rugged manly man look to me! Yes, I agree with you guys that he is a wee bit thinner than we like but as Sue said and I'm thinking she is right that it's for his next role! You know as for comments and nasty remarks made ....I think sometimes just because we see Gerry for the gorgeous, sweet, goofy, sincere, generous, charming, regular guy, and billiant actor....we think everyone else sees him that way too! Well, unfortunately they don't...Don't ask me why, it's beyond me!! I have had concerns now and again though as Dee has ....Has Gerry gone Hollywood on us? Then I'd watch one of his recent interviews or talk show and I would realize I'm worrying for nuttin! He's still the same old Gerry, that like Suzie say's .... takes my breath away! There now...I feel better that we've discussed this because as I've said, I had a few reservations about this subject myself now and then.... I'm hoping that Mum's cooking puts a little meat back on him over the Holidays though! :p Yeah...that's right! I like him beefier cause it's more to hold onto....:cunning:

:wave: Frannie

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I think Hollywood put more pressure on women to be thin than on men. I do think Gerry looks a bit too thin lately and tired. I really hope he is healthy and felling well. May be it just his life style traveling all the time. He is not 20 anymore. I just do not see him "beautify" himself like some older actors and singers with botox and plastics. He is too much of a man to do something like that. I will adore him and admire him no matter what his weight is. :wuv: I just hope he is healthy and happy. :butterfly:

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I agree with Sabina that I wonder more about the pace of life he keeps than anything else...I don't know how he does it most the time. And it's no wonder he looks tired. Who wouldn't look tired when attending all the events that he attends?

I also wonder sometimes if more than thinking about aging, that he gets tired of being called a hunk, sex symbol, etc...and would like to be introduced in another way that recognizes his talent rather than his sexiness such as "versatile, multi-faceted actor Gerard Butler." I know he's said he doesn't apologize for his good looks. But he is so talented that it must get very old being introduced as good looking rather than versatile and the brilliant actor he is.

And, yes, he's thin right now compared to the recent past. And I like him a bit beefier as well. But, as Lisa said, I think Gerry is extremely smart and knows what he's doing with his body.

He's amazing in so many ways. I trust that he will stay grounded as he has so far. And men are lucky as they age. They "acquire more character" while women "age." Lucky us, huh?

Good discussion! Thanks for bringing it up, Delene.



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Believe it or not, trends are changing in Hollywood and men are probably getting almost the same pressure about looks and thinness. However, I think women still loose out in the age department. You see some male actors getting roles long up in to their fifties, sixties and even higher and for most women, it stops around forty unless the story calls for a grandmother, nosy neighbor or a mother in law. Casting more seasoned actresses in roles about love are rare but changing, such as "Something's Gotta Give" and "It's Complicated" to name a couple.

The worse thing women can do to themselves is perpetuate the stereotypical ideology of aging. I've seen some pretty "old" looking guys that completely lost any character they might have had and some pretty fantastic looking older women who actually looked better as they aged. The difference sometimes is that men can grow facial hair to cover the signs of aging. But what they make up for on the face, sometimes, they loose on their heads!

How most of us age is mostly a genetic thing but it can also be environmental. You abuse your body, smoke, drink, do drugs, eat poorly, don't get enough rest, it will eventually take it's toll and where youth might get away with it, things will catch up to you eventually. You know what they say, "Growing old isn't for sissies." Amen to that!


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I have watched Gerry very closely for years and I don't see that much of a change in

him at all. He is a little more thin right now but he has stated that he has been

working out to stay healthy, and we all know that is the only way to stay healthy.

He looks absolutely marvelous in everything he wears, so what is the problem?

I think he looks the way he does because he is trying to stay healthy, and the

side effects are that he looks magnificent in the process. I don't think he is

"caving" to anything and I know he will never do drugs or alcohol again, simply

because he chooses not to. He made that decision himself, before he became

an actor. We all know that he did abuse alcohol in his youth, mostly because of

his origins, most Scotsmen drink, but he chose to get sober and stay sober.

He hasn't talked very much about drug abuse, but he did smoke and stopped

that as well, all to be more healthy. We have seen all of his choices in the past

few years lean toward a healthy lifestyle, in diet, exercise and lack of substances,

so why should anyone be worried now? I don't understand. I see a gorgeous,

talented, brilliant man who is making all the right choices in his personal life to

be healthy. Am I missing something?

Whatever Gerry is doing, we all have to realize one very important thing. Gerry is

a normal human being with an extraordinary career. That career takes a lot

more maintaining than most careers. He is always, and I mean always, in the

public eye and is more recognizable than people in ordinary careers. It is meant

to be that way, his popularity in his profession is well served by his being

recognizable. If you were that recognizable you would probably take better care

of yourself as well, whether you were in the entertainment field or not. Gerry

seems much more NORMAL than most actors. He dresses more casually than

some and is far more approachable than most, so I don't see any Hollywoodization

going on here. He is his same sweet, caring, giving man that he has always been

with his fans. He walks around LA and NY like a normal human being, rides his bike,

walks Lolita like a normal New Yorker. He is seen out and about with his friends,

like a normal man. Again, am I missing something?

I don't think we have to worry to much about Gerry becoming Hollywoodized. He

seems to do a very good job of keeping himself grounded in reality. He doesn't even

act much like the RICH man he is. He still drives himself most of the time, except

to professional events where he wouldn't want to deal with finding a parking space, etc.

After all, cameras are waiting, and walking around after parking his own car at these

events would be dangerous and very inconvenient. He walks around with his friends and

Lolita on a regular basis. He dresses as he well pleases, even wearing Ts and jeans to

many events like Victoria Secret, etc. You must understand that he was not a wealthy

person in his younger years and I think he is handling wealth and fame pretty well.

He gives much to charity, time as well as monetary funding.

All in all, I think Gerry is handling his life VERY WELL. He is dealing with success and wealth

and his profession in a very healthy manner.

I support him in everything he does and always will, and I am very proud of him for his

management of his life and his profession. My, his intelligence is showing, and it is as

bright as his talent and his looks.

Love him absolutely,


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Boy, this turned into an interesting discussion, Dee. We have digressed a bit, but into interesting areas. I think all we can do as fans is pray that he has the strength to endure all the bull$**t famous people are faced with. I was struck the other day while looking for a siggy photo; a lot of those shots are extremely close-up. My face couldn't now, nor could it ever, hold up to that kind of scrutiny. If you look at his, you see a perfect complexion, bright eyes, shiny hair. All signs of good health. Sure he has a few wrinkles, but gee whiz, he still looks better to me than any other man in every kind of outfit, hair style, etc.

It's true that stars used to be more rubenesque and were greatly admired for their curves. In my memory, that all ended with Twiggy and the British Invasion. Models today are built like boys with fake boobs. As an aside, when we lived in South Florida, it was de rigueur for 16-year-olds to get a boob job as a present instead of a new beemer. Talk about superficial! When we moved to NC, we told everyone we were moving back to America.

I think his Mum will always keep him in line because he loves her so much and respects her opinion. At heart, he's still just a Scottish guy from Paisley; I think the fact that he still does so much for his fans underscores that fact.

I know it sounds stupid or crazy to say I love the guy, but I really do. If he was standing in front of me right now, I'd tell him he could always count on me for anything and that I'd never betray him. He's the total package and I've never encountered any famous person quite like him.

Having said all those nice, clean things, I'd still like to lick him from head to foot!



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Delene, I'm with you..there is something different, something I can't put my finger on either. In my opinion, the issue (or non-issue) isn't his weight or hair length. To me, it's not his personal appearance at all. He looks physically healthy, although I personally prefer him a little thicker. But if he feels better at his current weight, then that's the weight he should be.

Mine may not be a popular opinion, but I'm going to give it nonetheless. Lately, there is something missing when I see him. I think he looks unhappy. And yes, I've heard in the past he's said that when he looks the most unhappy is when he's the happiest, or something to that effect. But this is different. To me, he seems as if he's simply operating on autopilot. When I see his pictures, he has an almost blank look at times, as though mentally he's a million miles away. Hopefully if he's able to go home for the holidays it'll give him a chance to rest and enjoy himself.

There is so much more I could say because this is something that has been worrying me for the last few months, but what it all comes back to is simple: All I want for him is true happiness.

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The whole purpose of starting this thread is because as of late, Gerry seems to be going a little overboard trying to look too young and thin and I had a concern about any extreme measures he might be using to achieve that. I guess I was hoping someone who's been around longer then I would have chimed in and said, "He's done this before. It's nothing."

Someone commented about him being at a dinner event and not eating anything. He could be on a special diet, true. That with Gerry's talk of cleanses whenever he gets a little on the heavy side or has eaten too many bad things, is worrisome to me and that's why I feel like he's giving in to the pressures of Hollywood.

So in essence, if it's all his own self induced pressure to do whatever he might be doing to himself, so be it. I am merely a fan and it's really none of my business anyway.

But I hope the first thing out of Margaret's mouth when she sees him is, "Gerry, you're getting too thin!"


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