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Top 5 Favorite Gerry Movie Characters

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I thought this might be an interesting discussion for us GALS...What are your top 5 favorite movie characters Gerry has played. If you can't put them in order, that's ok. Here's my list:

1. Gerry Kennedy - I have a special place for this role(although too brief IMO) since PS, I Love You was the first Gerry movie I saw and fell madly in love with him the instant he came on the screen. He loved Holly very much and tried his best to loosen her up and learn to enjoy life to the fullest. I want to find a guy like Gerry Kennedy(minus the dying young part). :wuv: :wuv: :hump:

2. The Phantom(Erik) - I wish I had seen this on the big screen. Anyways, Gerry's portrayal of The Phantom completely changed my feelings for the character. I used to think the Phantom as an old creepy creature with a really crappy face. Gerry brought a humanity to the role and made me think of him as a grown-up lost little boy who just wants someone to love him no matter his deformity. I loved the way he sang the classic songs from the musical and took it to completely new levels. :wuv::hump:

3. Mike Chadway - I've developed a thing for "bad boys". The dance scene and the elevator kiss totally did a number on me. I'll never tire of seeing The Ugly Truth. :yummy::wuv::hump: :hump:

4. Andre Marek - Sexy, romantic hero....'nuff said. Without Gerry as Marek, Timeline would completely suck. :cloud9::wuv::hump:

5. Attila - Or as I call him "Hottila". I wish I had seen this on tv when it originally aired. Lots and lots of skin.... :wuv::drool1::hump:

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You avutouna great idea. :woo: So ......

1 - The Phantom is the first movie I saw and I was literally thunderstruck! :love: I fell in love right from the first shot, then when you see in the hallway with Christine, have capitulated completely. :swoon:

He has given more humanity to the character, a man who only wanted to be loved for what it was.

2 - Gerry Kennedy: so sweet, nice, easygoing, handsome, charming, romantic and loves his wife to distraction (maybe there are people like that!) :love:

3 - Mike Chadway: Gerry was perfect for the character. In my opinion a bit like him: the character is so fiery, impetuous, passionate :hump::jawdrop: (there are not any men like that?)

4 - Attila: those with long hair is so sexy! :heat: He gave a lot of charm to the character because Attila was not at all handsome and was not at all attractive.

5 - One Two: it is funny, charming and loving danger :D

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1. Gerry Kennedy, my all time favourite movie character, the sexiest, most charming, most romantic guy ever

2. One Two, a funny and lovable no-gooder

3. Leonidas IS the king!

4. The Stranger, a softie in a leather jacket

5. John Tillman (Kable), a sexy killing machine with a heart

Thanks for starting the thread!


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I would like to add a sixth character because it really deserves :cunning:

6- The Stranger: it is charming and sweet with little Frankie :wuv:

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What a fun list to think about.

1. The Phantom This is the movie I discovered Gerry in.

By the end I was in tears and in lust. LOL

2. The Stranger. So kind and thoughtful to little Frankie.

3. Gerry Kennedy To have a man love you like that would be WOW.

4. Mike Chadway You just gotta love him. So vulnerable.

5. Johnny Dunne So much emotion in those eyes.


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This is the hardest question I've ever seen. I love all of Gerry's characters and each one

holds some special emotion for me. I can't limit my list to five, but I'll try to list the

TOP five.

l. Phantom, I've always loved this character and Gerry brought him to life the

way I have always imagined him to be, loving, lonely, and brilliant. This was also

my introduction to Gerry, and I didn't get to see it until 2007. How sad it is that

I missed so much before finally discovering the presence that is Gerard Butler.

2. Johnny Dunne, He was the essence of lost and alone, trying to survive a tragic

alcohol devastated past to become the beautiful person he really was.

3. Clyde, He played this part so well, especially since I see this as so far from who

he really is. He really had to reach for this character, and made him so believable.

He does that with all his characters, but more so this one.

4. The Stranger, because I love the character he made. He played the part more

with his eyes than his words. A strong, yet loving and caring man. What's not to love?

5. Mike Chadway, Gerry can make even a chauvenist lovable. He showed the true

character of Mike through the tough exterior he showed the world. What an actor

this man is. We won't see his talent again for a very long time. His talent is very

rare and we have been priviledged to be subjected to it. I relish every moment in

the theater with Gerry on the screen. It is an honor to be in his presence, even if

only on the screen.

Marek deserves more than honorable mention. That role was created BY Gerry.

Loved him, and all of Gerry's created personalities. They are all very special to me.

Love him and all his characters absolutely,


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