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Gerard Butler GALS

How Fabulous the Man!

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To all my Constituents!

How can one not put upon one's self the sexy countenance that is ~ Gerard James Butler!

Firstly, The woman who doesn't for one moment think of him in the greatest of dreams and think that Gerry is the most amazing of men... that has ever crossed her imagination!!! Gerry is the presence that we of all think of as the man who will rescue us from the craziness of the world, a world that makes not a bit of sense even on a good day! He is the man that drives us to believe in a greatness that resides within everyone of us! He is the man that drives us to believe that there are men in the world that could love us as he would, without all the Hollywood glam! Gerry is the very essence of raw Scottish, organic groundedness! He would love a woman ... just because he found merit in the ideas of loving her! So, that is where I come from; His~The very simple ideas of a value of interest, based on an exquisitely, interesting countenance! Ladies! We are all blessed with such great fortune! Life is a gift! The idea that a man would love us purely for whom we possess to be? I want each and every lovely countenance to know that that love or the potential of that kind of love exists for every woman. Gerry has just to choose wisely within his realm,that arena of passionate spirituality! Oh! How magnificent life truly is!!! Love "L"

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