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Gerard Butler GALS

Screenng Of MGP last night, Jan 31, Woodland Hills, CA

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~ ... Just a note to say that my original thought on duplicate viewing for those who had seen it intially was confirmed. It was not allowed. Understandably they wanted a fresh audience ...

Cheers! Musik Posted Image

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Aww thanks! It was a hard scene to film. My fake tattoos kept getting sweated off. :) You can't tell but it was a VERY humid, muggy, hot day in July in a bathroom with no ventilation and a thousand lights. It was fun though! Glad to have found you guys, everyone's been very nice here!

Hey misty. Was that scene you were in by chance at my house on ridge road? The house in the woods? Lol.

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Hello Joycee & welcome!

This is going to be another one of Gerry's movies that I'm going to have to cover my eyes for parts of but I can't wait for Machcine gun Preacher. You're so lucky to have seen an advanced screening. I got routed here from a link in a Google alert which talked about the possibility of an Oscar nod for Gerry. I think this is going to be the very best role and performance of his career to date. He is a very intense, emotive actor, and the subject matter is equally so. It won't surprise me when (NOT if) people FINALLY understand the caliber of his considerable talent, and it won't surprise me wneh (again, not IF) he takes home an Oscar!

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